Jun 11 2013

The Most Important Aspect Of Moving Home For The Geek At Heart – Never Go Anywhere Without Your Wi-Fi

When it comes to moving home, typically the before and during part is the most stressful. You have to pack away your worldly goods into numerous labelled boxes, which generally can take weeks and weeks. Then you have the worry about whether your possessions are being transported in a safe manner and will arrive at their destination in one piece. However, one part of the moving process that can be equally as worrying (that no-one ever really considers) is transferring your utilities to your new address, including the one thing you can never be without – internet!

Wi-Fi Finder Android App

The Android Wi-Fi Finder will help you get back on track after your move. It can be a real pain having moved to a new area and not being aware of where you may have internet access. You probably were aware of every Wi-Fi area within your previous town. You knew exactly what shops, stores, and public buildings you could go to if you wanted to fire up the internet.

With that being said, this fantastic app works anywhere in the world and can help you find a vast array of Wi-Fi hotspots. The app works with both Android tablets and phones, although if you wish to use your phone to hunt down a Wi-Fi hotspot the app does require phone call permission. However, the app will not make a call without your express permission, which is granted by clicking the phone icon, thus confirming you wish to call a particular location.


  • The newest version will help you find Wi-Fi in over 550,000 paid and free locations in a total of 144 countries around the world.
  • You have the ability to locate public Wi-Fi worldwide by scanning for Wi-Fi networks.  You can then view details of the locations as well as call and obtain directions to them.
  • The app provides the facility to filter your results, so if you wish to search for just cafes or hotels that provide Wi-Fi you can do so.
  • The app is available both online and offline, so you can even use Skype while you’re on the move.

Moving home presents many problems and issues in itself, but it’s often the little things that people forget. With the Wi-Fi Finder app you can reduce the stress of moving home ever so slightly by ensuring you know exactly where you can use Internet in your new town or city.

Let’s face the facts, we live in a day and age where we pretty much do most things electronically or online, so there can be nothing worse than moving to a strange, new place where you don’t know anyone or where anything is, and having no internet is just one more problem you could do without. The app is completely free and very easy to operate – you will find the “Public Wi-Fi Near Me” search tool immediately on the homepage of the app and with the in-built Wi-Fi scanner you have everything you need.

Today’s featured writer, Shaun Hill, works for one of the well-known long distance moving companies in Texas. He’s an ardent traveler and loves visiting new places in his time off from work.

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