Jun 12 2013

The Top Every Day Uses Of ‘The Cloud’ That Can Make Life Easier Right Now

The cloud is a very exciting technology that a lot of people still don’t really know what to make of. While we all recognize that the cloud is something we can use to make our lives easier and improve our workflow, many of us also find the idea of storing files somewhere other than on our computers a little bit daunting. If you have been putting off using the cloud then because you find it intimidating, it’s time to change your thinking and start making use of its many advantages and functions. Here we will look at some of the very best uses for the cloud that are simple, easy and will make life easier and more entertaining…

Backing Up

The cloud is an incredibly useful utility for backing up because it means that you don’t have to store your files in any single ‘physical’ location. In other words even if your house burns down, having your files on the cloud means that they will be safe and sound. Of course this also then means that you can access the files from anywhere, meaning that you will never be without the files you need.

Storing Music

This is also incredibly useful if you have a lot of media files and multiple devices. For instance, you can this way store all of your mp3s on the cloud so that they can be accessed by any device. This avoids the laborious process of having to copy every single file over when you get a new gadget and it means that you can save a great deal of space on your devices. If you want to save every episode of your favourite series, that no longer means that you have to forego having space on your machine to do anything else.


The cloud also makes sharing files easy and fun. If you want to collaborate on a single project with someone else, then you can access the same file and everyone will get to see the most recent version at all times. Likewise, if you want to share pictures with friends or each access the same music and films, then using the cloud is a sociable and easy way to do so.

Note Taking

There are many great note taking apps that make use of the cloud to enable you to have your notes wherever you are. Examples include Evernote and Google Keep, but any cloud service that allows file uploads can be used for this purpose. This then allows you to take notes wherever you are and then access them on other devices. No more losing scraps of paper or not having the right note to hand when you need it…

Backup Solutions

The cloud offers one of the most effective solutions for backing up data by allowing you to access it from anywhere and ensuring that it can never all be destroyed in a single incident.


The best software now tends to use the cloud so that you can have the same settings across multiple devices. For instance if you have a web browser, then cloud services allow you to access the same bookmarks and history on multiple machines. Likewise, Windows 8 now uses the cloud so that your wallpaper and other choices will be synced across your set ups.

Daniel Nector is a tech expert and a passionate blogger. Cloud computing is one technology, he has taken a liking too and advises others to make use of it. According to him, it has made lot of jobs easier and as a result productivity has increased.

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