Jun 26 2013

These Four Apps Help Contractors Stay Organized And Informed

A contractor’s job requires a lot of focus and attention throughout the day in order to remain successful. With demanding clients, deadlines, costs, taxes and other expenses of which to keep track, an organizational plan is vital for anyone in the construction or remodeling industry. Fortunately, technology has enabled virtually any contractor to stay informed of the latest trends and maintain control over every area of his or her business. In the following article, we will discuss four apps in particular that each provides an important function for contractors in the field and behind the desk.

Contracting Plus Expenses

If you need a solution that can be used to track receipts and expenses while in the field, then the Contracting Plus Expenses app is a great selection. Users can quickly create a new expense and add details such as date, amount, current status of the expense and even an image of a receipt that corresponds to the expense. From the main menu, you will be able to quickly access all recorded expenses and can export them via email. If you have some expenses that have been paid but others that are pending, you can use the categorization features to narrow down the results and see only those that are applicable. Currently available on the Android Marketplace, this app is a free download.


Contractor Talk Forum

There comes a time in which every contractor needs a little bit of sage advice – with apps like the Contractor Talk Forum, help is never more than a few clicks away. Once loaded, the Contractor Talk Forum app will direct you to its comprehensive forum and can be used to access several sub-forums depending on your specific topic. Users will be able to post questions and reply as needed, or they can simply browse existing issues in order to learn more about various problems. Available on all Android smartphones, the Contractor Talk Forum app is free to download.


Contractor Payroll Pro

For smaller contracting firms, the need for consistent and reliable payroll and time clock solutions has never been greater. Thankfully, the Contractor Payroll Pro app is a versatile application that covers all the bases. You will be able to utilize the app to record employees’ check-in and check-out times, input hourly or salary wages, automatically program payroll advances and even use the app to send employees to clients’ homes via Google Maps. Currently available for $10.00, the Contractor Payroll Pro app is an inexpensive solution for a previously very costly concern.


Construction Master Pro

Last but not least, Construction Master Pro is a solid calculator that provides contractors with a plethora of options while in the field. Users can navigate the calculator to access an array of functions such as feet-inch-fraction, right-angle assessments and rafter calculations, just to name a few. This professional app offers pre-set calculations for virtually every element of home construction and remodeling, making the $20 price tag a small price to pay for the ultimate calculator in the palm of your hand. You can find the Construction Master Pro app via the Android Marketplace.


This guest post is by Gary Stark, an interior designing expert and a frequent blogger. He likes writing about interior work, especially the floorings. He believes that one of the best flooring company is Alliance Flooring Inc. Click here to see some of their products.

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