Jun 13 2013

These Four Apps Will Help Make Selecting New Flooring Effortless

Whether you have just purchased a new home or have been under the same roof for years, there are a number of reasons why people consider new flooring. In many cases, years of wear and tear can destroy carpets, tile and hardwood, which reduces its appeal and potential amenity when and if the home is ever sold. Other times, a poor choice relating to style may need to be rectified by a new owner. Whatever the motivation, finding the basic information you need to accomplish such a task is now easier than ever. Below, we will discuss four smartphone applications that are helping home owners renovate their floors efficiently and quickly.

BASF Flooring App

Useful for the installation of select flooring and ceramic tiles, the BASF Flooring app provides several tools that come in handy during the renovation or transformation of any floor. You will be able to examine the processes involved in installing hardwood, carpet, laminate and tile floors, while also being able to view product information on a variety of different flooring options. If you wish to estimate costs beforehand, the built-in calculator will allow for estimations based on product selection and floor space. This app is 100% free and available for download in the iTunes App Store.


USG Tile and Flooring Solutions

Built to assist with total reconstruction of various floors, the USG Tile and Flooring application for Apple devices shows how to install flooring from the ground up using DUROCK and FIBEROCK backerboard and underlayment materials. Included in the app is a materials estimator to help you gather the exact amount of supplies needed to finish the job, as well as product catalogues and installation guides. This app can be downloaded for free, but the value it offers when reconstructing any floor from scratch is worth much more than its price tag.


Flooring Calculator Pro

This application was designed as a professional solution to determine exact estimates – materials and cost – for any flooring job. The Flooring Calculator Pro app has an intuitive interface that guides even novice handymen through the process of selecting dimensions, materials and other costs (such as sales tax) that may occur during the renovation process. Whether it is tile, laminate, carpet or hardwood, Flooring Calculator Pro can be used to give precise measurements and quotas for the task at hand. Available via the Android Marketplace, Flooring Calculator Pro is a free app and one that is used by many professionals in the flooring industry.


Flooring Job Estimator

Designed initially for contractors, the Flooring Job Estimator still provides a great way to calculate flooring costs for the average home owner. You will be able to create a bill of materials, save prices for each item on the estimate and email the finished quote to yourself or a contractor. The app works best when used for estimates on tile, hardwood and laminate, as it has precise calculators for each material. Simply enter in your measurements and required materials and a cost can be furnished in no time at all. Available on the Android Marketplace, Flooring Job Estimator is a free download.


Today’s guest blogger is John Dean, an interior designer who specializes in home renovation in Texas. Through his blogs, he shares his musings on design and aesthetics.

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