Sep 14 2012

This article will help you increase awareness for your mobile apps

Let’s face it. Mobile app development and mobile marketing are still relatively new areas that need fine tuning. These are areas not yet fully explored and utilized so it is understandable if you are still struggling to make it work.

A lot of generic ads are out there. The most common is ‘download x app now’. People have learned to ignore this kind of app. Why? Well, the first question that will come to mind is why? Why should I download this app? What’s in it for me? What will it to do to make my life easier? How will it help me? The ad clearly does not address these questions. So what can you do to make your product get noticed? Here are a few tips.

Find the right audience

Review blogs are a good choice to get close to your target audience. If you have a beta product, you can ask these bloggers to review your app. Ask them to rate your product. It’s good if your product is still in the testing stage as you can still fix the bugs. Having different people review your product gives you more ‘eyes’ to spot errors. When launch time comes, you can be sure that your product is ready.

Use social media

If the bloggers have given you a good rating, spread the word through social media. Share a link to these reviews on your Facebook page. Tweet about it. If you can make a good photo presentation, pin it on Pinterest. You can also hold contests in cooperation with the bloggers to generate more attention. You can give away 5 apps for free for each blogger. Make rules such as they have to ‘Like’ your Facebook page, they have to follow you on Twitter and Pinterest and they have to be a follower of that specific blogger. Make sure that the blogger also has some benefits so that you can have a good working relationship.

Another way of generating traffic is to write an article about your app and share it with other bloggers who are willing to post your content for free. You can then put a link to your download page, Facebook page or a blogger’s review page at the end of your article.

Make good advertisements

Don’t be lazy with your ads. Stay away from generic ones like the one mentioned above. Give your customers something that they can relate to, something they can use. Make your ads appealing enough to warrant a click on the download button.

At the end of your advertisement, place a link that directs your customers to your download page. Don’t dilly dally with more unnecessary words. The client already hit the download button so he or she does not need any more convincing. He or she is already convinced that you have a good product and they are willing to try it.

Content marketing is a good way to earn trust and gain a credible reputation in cyberspace. You already know that you have a good product. It’s just a matter of finding the right venue for you to be heard.

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