Aug 30 2012

Top Android Apps For Keeping Your Finances In Order

Apps aren’t all about catapulting birds at pigs or adding a 60s effect to your photos. They can also be highly practical and provide you with a lot of advantages that make living your every-day life much easier and help you to stay on top of things like your finances and your to-do lists. Financial apps are particularly useful because they enable you to keep on top of your spending, to quickly check how much money is in the bank, and even transfer cash on the go. This can get you out of a scrape, keep you in the green and save you being fined in all kinds of different circumstances. Here we will look at some of the best such apps out there to help you stay on top of your money situation at all times.


PayPal: The PayPal app is incredibly handy and very useful if you have an account (if you don’t it’s very much worth getting one). This provides you with a quick and easy way to transfer and send money on the go that doesn’t require any PIN codes or access to your bank account meaning it’s a much safer thing to have installed on your phone. They take a cut yes, and it doesn’t tell you what’s in your account, but if you trade on eBay or just as a backup way to send a friend some money you owe them it’s invaluable.

Download PayPal From Google Play


Bank Apps: Many banks have their own apps, and usually these enable you to check your balance with a detailed break down, pay your bills and more. Sadly there are many banks that don’t have these facilities, but those that do include Wells Fargo, USAA, JP Morgan and more.


Currency Converter: If you’re travelling with business or for leisure then often you can find yourself spending too much simply because it doesn’t feel like real money. Using a currency converter – of which there are many – you can quickly find how much you’re spending in your own money which is a useful way to avoid over-spending.

Download Currency Converter From Google Play

Google Finance: If you trade stocks and shares then Google Finance will give you real-time stock quotes. This is very useful for quickly seeing the value of the shares you’re interested in while you’re on the tube.

Download Google Finance From Google Play

Tip Calculator: Okay so it’s not going to save you a lot of money or help you out when you’re stuck with no cash… but this is a useful way to avoid a faux pas and to avoid confusion when trying to work out what you owe.

Download Tip Calculator From Google Play


Expense Manager: If you need to keep a running tally of your expenses then this is a very handy way to do so while on the move and it prevents you having to do lots of writing and adding up when you get back home.

Download Expense Manager From Google Play

Mint Personal Finance: This is a great app for those who like to budget and keep on top of their budget and their finances. Making it easy to track how much you’re spending each month and to track your profits and losses this can help you to get your finances in order once and for all and is the recipient of several awards.

Download Mint From Google Play

Martin Speedie is a finance consultant who works at MGDS Ventures Pty Ltd. He is also an avid tech-blogger, who shares his views on the latest gadgets through his blogs which are regularly published in

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