Jul 15 2013

Top Five Must Have Android Tablet Apps?

The fun of a well run app keeps us all on high alert, some look for pure necessity or convenience apps to simplify their worlds, other just want to have fun. Some might say that it has taken android longer than expected to catch up to apple when it comes to tablet quality optimized apps, and they would be right. Today we will shed light on five quality apps well worth the wait and every tablet user must have.

To get the most out of your electronics is only a reasonable request. What took Android so long to respond to the need for apps is a topic for another day. These apps will qualify as unique user experiences that any smart phone user will be just a little envious of. Have no fear Android Junky’s your app avalanche of new technologies has finally arrived.

SwiftKey Tablet Keyboard

As you know almost every tablet manufacturer uses some kind of touch keyboard up grade, as the default one is usually to small and not so user friendly. SwiftKey for the Android tablet does cost approximately $4, but it is a few bucks well spent to improve one’s overall tablet interaction satisfaction. It is intuitive and picks up on common vernacular at sub light speeds and the split thumb use screen option is total design meets functionality.

Google Drive

Is not yet included as a loaded option, but is totally free to download. This allows your cloud storage to be completely synchronized between your desk top and mobile devices. Easy access and use of your photos, presentation, and research articles for multimedia family or work connections, on the go weather you are at home or abroad.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle still dominates the mobile book reading world. No one can put your e-books in more places than Amazon kindle app; it is definitively the gold standard when it comes to eBooks. Android version allows you to have your entire e-book library and your visual fingertips.


Not only has the tablet replaced the book and laptop, but as the digital revolution continues, it has also replaced the printing press, news paper, and magazine all in one fail swoop. This app brings all your favorite world news and social media happenings in one place with an easy on the eye presentation. With it you can easily flip through the pages of interesting stories along with photos of family and friends.


Yes as obvious as it is, what would be more disappointing for you when your spouse, friend, or child wants to watch some horrific movie or TV show and you do not. Simply whip out the tablet and a good set of head phones and your Huge Plasma Screen TV is all yours. Have you been on a flight lately service is not a safety priority, download a good show bring it along and you are all set.

As we said some like their apps for pure fun, nothing ramps up the fun options like Netflix or Flipboard. Others are looking to simplify their chaotic lives; jump online with Google drive or SwiftKey and your workplace is at your fingertips where ever you are. Meeting right in the middle between functionality and fun is the Amazon Kindle app. Delivering you eBooks for pure pleasure and educational content for the younger members of your crew and with quality content it just may deliver the key information of mobile based projects you may be working on. Take a look at what each of these top five must have android tablet apps can do for your life.

Eric regularly blogs about the best android apps available.

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