Mar 14 2012

360 – Creating amazing panoramas

Description: Description
Create and share amazing panoramas!

Portrait mode capture now available!
Capturing 360 panoramas on your Android phone has never been so easy!

Using the 360 app all you have to do is to tap your screen and pan your camera phone in the clockwise direction to capture beautiful HD panoramas.
After capturing the panorama, view it on our 3D viewer for a phenomenal experience.
Share those panoramas coupled with the 3D viewer with friends and followers instantly through Facebook and Twitter.
You can also view, comment and fav beautiful panoramas taken by people all over the world on our public panorama realtime feed.
Discover fellow 360 users in your neighborhood using the ‘Around Me’ option.

360 is the only panoramic camera app you will need on your phone. Our users even call us the Photosynth for Android. And it’s all free!

– Create 360 degree panoramas within 1 minute.
– Instantly upload and share interactive 360 views directly to Twitter and Facebook
– View panoramas taken all over the world in your public stream.
– Geotag your panoramas automatically and edit location using maps.
– Flat images will be stored on the SD card which can be emailed and viewed without any special viewer required.
– Saves panoramas directly to the SD card
– View panoramas in app on a 3D viewer
– All panoramas taken are in HD
– Save and share unlimited panoramas and view them online at

FAQs (Read before rating! You can also see this at

1. Can I save my pictures locally?

All you images are stored locally in your SD card as soon as you take them. You can find them in the 360panoramas folder in your SD card. Photos are also visible in your native gallery app.

2. Can the app be moved to the SD card?

Yes the app should automatically move most of its space to the SD card, but some part of it needs to be on the phone memory because of architecture issues.

3. Do all pictures get uploaded on the website automatically?

No. Only if you wish to share your panoramas with the 360 community you can click ‘Share’, review your settings and then upload them. All photos and panoramas are stored on your SD card.

4. Help! The app is taking blurry pictures!

Sometimes, the camera needs to reset. Try restarting the phone if you are getting extremely blurry images. If that doesnt work then you may have to try going a little slower while taking the panorama. Remember the slower the better, once you get a hang of it – taking a complete 360 takes less than 10 seconds.

5. What is sensor calibration?

The panorama app is very sensitive to your phone sensor and very frequently that sensor needs to be calibrated to get rid of evil fake values :) .

6. What does this login button do? Can I delete my account?

The login button simply creates an account for you using your gmail id (which is kept confidential) if you are a first time user. You can delete your account via the settings page in the app. If you’ve already uninstalled the app, then you can contact us at with you email id, and we’ll remove the account for you

7. It’s not working on my phone!

You can mail us at with whatever problems you are facing. And we’ll try our best to sort out the issue

Follow us at as well as Email us at for any help and we’ll respond within a few minutes. :)

Cost: Free

Developer: TeliportMe

360 is another social photo sharing app, except this time you can share a panoramic picture!

The Good:

  • Easy to take panoramic pictures.
  • Panoramic pictures look good
  • Pictures load quickly and view smoothly
  • Can see pictures close to your current location
  • Can see a map of where the picture is taken
  • Easy to comment
  • Easy to calibrate camera before taking pictures

The Bad:

  • No way to save other peoples pictures
  • No way to add “friends” or bookmark peoples profiles
  • Very little settings for taking pictures
  • No zoom in/out for taking pictures
  • Can’t use camera flash for taking pictures
  • No filters or photo editing settings
  • Can’t disable sharing of location
  • No search functions. Would like to be able to search for pictures from a location other than my own or from a specific category
  • Profile password is sent to you in an email
  • Occasionally force closes

Download Here

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