Jan 25 2010

Date Check by Intelius

Description: Todays dating scene is tough to navigate, so Intelius developed Date Check, a free mobile app that deciphers fact from fiction.  Simply enter a name, phone number or email address and instantly get accurate and comprehensive results.

Version: 1.0.1

Cost: Free

Developer: Intelius, Inc

Date Check is supposed to be able to locate and give information about a person by phone number, name or email address. Once it finds the person, it will give this information:

Sleaze Detector – If a person has any criminal records
Compatibility – Date of birth and horoscope
$$$ – House size, value, and tax amount
Living Situation – People living at their address
Interests – If they have profiles on any social or professional networks

Each of these categories has a “More Details” icon, and this icon will bring you to the Intelius web page.

After you find the person, you can perform various “actions” like rate them, call them, text them, add them to your contacts, etc.

This app sounds great right? It would if it worked, but most of the time it didn’t find information on the person I was searching for.  When I tried to search for people with their phone numbers, most of the time it wouldn’t give me the correct person.  If it can’t find the person, it’ll will tease you to go to the Intelius web page for additional information.  If it does find the person, it will show the information I mentioned above.  It doesn’t always show all the information but whatever it can find.

The “Sleaze Detector” information can be deceiving.  It shows if a person has any criminal records based on the name.  So if somebody has a common name like “John Smith” it will find criminal records for that person, because there’s bound to be a person with a criminal record with such a common name.  Then when you click on the “more details” icon, it will bring you to the Intelius web page.

The only information I care about in the “Compatibility” category is the date of birth.  I don’t care nor believe in horoscopes.

The “$$$” information can be interesting.  Knowing how much a person’s house is worth.  Because I’m a gold digger.  I’m looking for a SUGA MAMA!

The “Living Situation” info is useless for me also, because it seems to be incorrect most of the time.

The “Interests” Information is useless because it will say somebody belongs to a social network, but won’t list which one or their profile.

There should be an option to be able to pull the contacts from your contacts list but there isn’t, so you have to manually enter the number for the person you want to search.

This app is like a double edged sword.  Though I’d like to get information on other people, I wouldn’t want people to find information on me, though I have nothing to hide, other than my fetish for crazy cat ladies.

Download Here

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