Mar 23 2012


Description: Givit – the easiest way to share video privately!

As easy as using email, Givit lets you share personal video directly with select friends and family on their computers, Smartphones and other devices, with nothing for them to install.


★ Record and share videos with just a few taps
★ Share large videos that can’t be sent by email
★ Control who can watch and forward your videos every time you share
★ No waiting–fast, behind-the-scenes upload
★ Store and manage all your videos in one place–content backed up automatically in your private Givit account
★ Watch and share all the videos in your Givit account on your iPhone or desktop computer
★ Let viewers respond with text and video comments
★ Not just for your Android–share videos from other cameras using the Givit website and Givit Desktop App


– The Givit Team

Cost: Free

Developer: Givit

Givit allows you to share videos privately without having to post to public places like Youtube or Facebook. The sender and receiver both needs to have Givit accounts.

Sending videos are easy.

  • Take a video with either your camera or pull one up from your gallery.
  • Enter the receivers to share with
  • Enter a message with your video
  • Check if you want to allow the video to be re-shared.
  • Press send
  • Wait for it to upload and send.

Depending on the video size and Givit server load, uploading and sending the video can take a few minutes.

After you send the video, Givit will show if the receiver has viewed the video. Receivers can comment on videos or resend it if allowed.

Here’s the pricing from the Givit site:

“How much does Givit cost?

When you sign up for Givit you receive 2 GB of free video storage. But now you can turn Givit into your “personal video vault” with the new Givit Premium package that offers the ability to purchase additional video storage as you need it.

10 GB              $29.99
25 GB              $4.99 (monthly), $49.99 (annually)
50 GB              $9.99 (monthly), $99.99 (annually)”

The free 2GB should be plenty of storage space for casual users.
Givit is a great way to share private videos without having to upload to public sites and have to mess with privacy settings.
You can’t delete the shared video record from the Givit app, but you can on the website.

Download Here

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