Sep 19 2013

Instagram Vs. Vine: Who Will Be The Victory?

When it comes to apps that let people trade short images and videos there’s basically nothing that kids love better. These sites both started at about the same time and they fill similar niches. What makes it even more interesting is that the parent companies are also major competitors since Vine is owned by Twitter and Instagram is put out by Facebook. So the question is, which service really is better and which service will win out in the end? Here are a few areas where the foes will be doing battle.

Video Length

Instagram allows you to have a video that’s about 15 seconds long, whereas vine holds it to 6 seconds. This means that Vine may be catchier in terms of viral videos, since people with short attention spans and who want to make videos instantly and consume then instantly may definitely prefer vine. When it comes to young people, short attention spans are basically the way of the universe.


If you want to actually edit your videos a bit before sending them out, then Instagram is your app. Vine can’t really do this at all. But Instagram has a lot of basic features for making your videos look nicer such as the Cinema Mode. Let’s be honest, when you’re shooting tuff from a camera phone, you’re probably going to make everything shaky unless you happen to also be a professional video cameraman. Cinema mode helps clean things up so they’re nice and steady. There are also over 13 custom filters available on Instagram. These filters are video specific and can make it a lot of fun to create your own personal style in your videos.


One advantage that Vine has is that it keeps videos on a steady loop just by default. You don’t have to click anything; it will just keep playing the videos you look at over and over again. This can make videos seem really catchy and even more hilarious. This is especially the case for videos where something really dramatic and comical is happening. An example is the huge number of videos on Vine that show people twerking over and over in an endless loop.


An area where Instagram has an advantage is the number of people who use the service. Vine still has a pretty small user base so they are a bit behind. But just like Twitter, really short and sweet approaches to social media can catch on like wildfire in a hurry so it’s definitely possible that Vine will make up the deficit pretty quickly. It’s also worth noting that Vine definitely has more video shares than Instagram which really focuses a lot more on sharing pictures.

Ease of Use

Vine tends to win in this category since they don’t force you to share stuff the way Instagram does. The interface is just about as simple as humanly possible. You can embed stuff in your sites easily too. Additionally, everything loads a lot faster since the videos are shorter and take up less space so you can get going on Vine much faster and easier than on Instagram. The Instagram service can lag like crazy with the videos, and they don’t let you embed anything.

Internet Centered

The huge fight between Vine and Instagram just goes to show how important communication on the Internet is, and the need to make systems as simple as possible. This is happening even outside of social media with systems like hosted PBX which makes business communication much easier, or systems like PayPal and Google Wallet which are making payment through the Internet easier to the degree that it may quickly become the norm.

This is a post by Ashley Williamson. Ashley is a freelance writer and an occasional blogger interested in tech, gadgets and startup related topics. When she is not working she likes to travel and read as much as she can. If you have any question feel free to leave a comment.

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