Feb 17 2010


Description: iTookThisOnMyPhone lets you automatically send photos and videos to an internet gallery where they are stored securely.  You can organize albums for private or public viewing; send to websites like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Picasa, YouTube, PhotoBucket, WebShots, and Shutterfly; and see the photos on a map if GPS is enabled


Cost: Free

Developer: iTookThisOnMyPhone.com

iTookThisOnMyPhone offers a way to transfer photos and videos from your phone to multiple photo and video sites at once.  So if you want to be like Greg Oden or George hill and want to expose yourself to the world with 1 click, you might want to try this.

First you have to set up an account with iTookThisOnMyPhone.com.

After setting up an account, set up your account info on the “send to” sites. I set up accounts on Shutterfly.com and TinyPic.com.

Next, select “Upload photo” from the menu, and select the photo you want to upload.

Next select “send” from the menu to upload the photo, and this will automatically upload the photo to iTookThisOnMyPhone.com and the other sites you have set up.

Make sure to read the link “How does this work, exactly?” on the bottom of the “Send To” tab.  Only specific albums will be uploaded based on the sites criteria.  For instance, TinyPic.com only uploads photos from the Default Public Album.

The setup was easy and uploading the photos was quick.  You can also send the GPS location of your photo.

There’s a couple of things I didn’t like about it though:

1.  Once you upload a photo, you can’t upload it again.  Even when I deleted the photo from the iTookThisOnMyPhone.com website, it wouldn’t let me upload it again.  So if you’ve uploaded the photo to one site and at a later date want up upload it to another site, you can’t.

2.  There’s no easy way to send to only 1 or a few chosen sites.  You have to press “send to” in the menu’s button, then disable the site, then go back to the picture and select “send”.

3.  You can’t upload multiple photo’s at once.  Each photo has to be uploaded one at a time.  There’s no way to check off multiple photo’s to upload.

If these problems can be addressed in later releases, I’d be more inclined to use iTookThisOnMyPhone.

Download Here

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