Jul 13 2011

Job Sniffer

Description: With Job Sniffer track the job market in search of the right work for you, and forget to look for, because JobSniffer will be doing it constantly for you, set up automatic updates and wait for the notification with the job you are seeking.
Job Sniffer allows us create search filters on the job searching website INDEED (www.indeed.com).
Moreover, every filter has an advanced configuration which let us automate its behaviour.
-Automatic updates. Once it is activated allows us to define a frequency to consult INDEED in search of jobs. And we can also ask to be notified whenever new jobs are found.
-Storage control. Due to the storing of job info on the phone for its use offline, the filter also allows us define a number of maximum jobs to be stored for the filter.
Organize the most interesting jobs moving them to favorites, share them through the mail or add your own comments. With Sniffer Job not let escape an offer.
With more than 50 countries available. Clicking on the country of the screen ‘Add Filter’.
Chinese version available.
Uses flag icons from www.deleket.com.

Version: 1.0

Cost: Free

Developer: SinPlanB Soft

In this wacky economy, almost everybody is looking for a job.  Whether you’re just browsing to see what’s out there or on your last unemployment check, Job Sniffer may be able to help you out.  It does exactly what the description says, searches the indeed.com website and filters jobs based on your search criteria. Job Sniffer’s not fancy, but it’s easy to use and filters jobs quickly.   Applying online to a job via your mobile device might not be the optimal process, but after you see what’s available, you can go back to your Commodore 64 and bring up the indeed website from there.

Download Here

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