Jul 31 2011


Description: The best way to manage your social networks in a simple app.

Seesmic is the best way to manage your social networks in one powerful and yet simple app. You can see and update your Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz and Salesforce Chatter accounts all at the same time, search and get notifications for new messages! You can share photos, videos and location using the service of your choice like Plixi, yFrog, TwitPic and even YouTube. We also include a widget so you won’t ever miss a single update, from any service.
Our features include:
– Full integration of Facebook, including management and posting to Facebook pages you are an admin of
– The best Twitter client on Android, with all the features you need in a simple but powerful interface: multiple Twitter accounts support, cross-posting, lists, retweets, Twitlonger integration for longer tweets, conversation thread view for public conversations and a lot more!
– Integration of Google Buzz with full inline preview of links and photos
– Integration of Salesforce Chatter, the enterprise social network so you can communicate with your company and exchange information from other networks like Twitter back inside you enterprise
– Shortcuts: add shortcuts to accounts, the composer, searches, lists, Facebook pages, chatter groups,… directly on your phone home screens, anywhere you want!

Version: 1.7.2

Cost: Free

Developer: Seesmic 

Download Here

Seesmic is like the Swiss Army Knife of social networking apps.  It combines Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz and Salesforce all in one. It may not do a good of job as any one of  the individual apps for each social network site, but it does an adequate job for all of them. Well, I’ve only tried the Facebook and Twitter options, so I can only attest to those 2.

The Twitter portion is outstanding. It’s probably as good as any other Twitter App.  The Facebook portion is lacking a little.  It can do all the basics, reading and posting on walls, viewing pages, etc. It’s missing a few key options like filtering news feeds, sending emails, and viewing friends pictures. One thing it can do that other Facebook apps can’t is be logged into multiple Facebook accounts at the same time.

Sessmic works if you want to be able to view all your social networking sites in one easy place without too many fancy options.

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Download Here

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