Sep 10 2013

The New Social Kid On The Block: ‘Voxle – local social network’

Social networking is here to stay. There was a time when if one wanted to socially network with his/her peers, they had to physically go to land based meeting points. This still exists today, but technology has gone ahead and made it much easier for people with busy lives to still meet and socialize locally. Enter ‘Voxle – local social network’.


This new Android app is the next best thing as far as social networking is concerned. It is simple to use, easy to instal and absolutely secure. You retain complete control of the information you share. What is Voxle? It’s the new social media platform that uses your location and allows you to meet and share information with the people around you. You can use the platform for dating, free communication and keeping in touch with the people within your vicinity who share the same interests.

The key benefits include:

*Saves you time and money

Voxle is easy to install and use. You can call, chat with and text your Voxle friends from all over the world for free. Yes, you do not have to pay for communication any more, thanks to Voxle.

*Get the word out (Bark)

Through Voxle, you can post messages for the people around you to see and respond to, this is called ‘Barking’. If you need to buy or sell concert tickets for that very night, or you need someone to help paint your house or move your furniture, all you have to do is Bark it and all the peers around you can respond to the Bark. (Barks that have no response vanish after 24hrs)


*Create and hold events

Long gone are the days when you had to send out posted invites. With Voxle, all you have to do is create an event and invite your peers. Due to privacy settings, if they allow you to, you can directly interact with them and view on a map where they are. (Events that have taken place vanish)

*Receive usage rewards

You don’t have to pay for Voxle credits. These are your rewards for being a loyal user. All you have to do is create a profile, Bark occasionally, create events and be vocal within your Voxle community.

*Receive and activate ‘superpowers’

After receiving Voxle credits, you can activate your superpowers. These give you better search capabilities. You can see who likes you and shares your interests thus finding the perfect match for you.

*Receive location based offers

Voxle is all about the betterment of the community. You can receive special offers that match your interest in your given location. Things like coupons from your local stores. This saves you money all the while introducing you to new establishments.


*Get to know your local scene

By sharing your location (you can choose this option through the privacy settings) you get to see who is around you, meet new people and attend events. You can be constantly in the know.

Voxle offers various wonderful features which include:

*Thousands of new members joining daily

*Secure communication between peers

*Smooth user interface which facilitates low battery drainage-

*You can easily register through Facebook

*Free texts and calls

This wonderful app is compatible with most Android devices (v2. 2 and above)

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