Dec 12 2009

Basketball Tactics

Description: Playing basketball is fun. The Basketball Tactics App are here to help your play. You can see the animated basketball play diagram in this app.

Develop your own basketball playing!

Develop your own basketball coaching!

Tactics about 2-3 zone attack, 3-2 zone attack 1-2-2 zone attack and so on are in this app.

Version: 1.0

Cost: Free

Developer: Coconut Labs




Ever wonder what a 2 – 3 zone is or a 1-2-2 zone is and how to break it? Probably not. But if you have, you could check out this app to see an animation of it. It shows how the plays are run and provides a brief summary.  It gives you an understanding of the basketball sets, but there isn’t an option to design your own plays and see how it plays out.  I only checked it out because I’m a basketball junkie but I don’t know if most people would bother with it.

Download Here

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