Apr 21 2013

Aximedia Slide Show Creator

Description: Aximedia Slide Show Creator it’s a free Android app. It is useful and simple product that will let you to convert photos into the video format. Clear, “step by step” algorithm for creating the videos is very easy.
Series of static pictures can transform into the video even with the music, just for 2 minutes. Then it can be easily sent to your friends or posted in the social web. At every stage of making video you could turn back to make some changes. You can use your own music or from the Aximedia site.
A video editing is online so you can use your mobile device during the editing process. The “cloud computing” technology lets you not to load the whole power of your smartphone, but send your data to the server. The server creates video and sends an email with a link to ready video. You can download this video on your device or add it to your personal collection or post it on Facebook or YouTube (AximediaSSC channel or your personal channel). All this is done on the server side, you just need to choose where you want to upload the video.
Application will be very useful in case when you would like to share in some photos from your trip or celebration with your friends and to convert it to funny presentation, make an interesting gift or even promote your services or goods.

Cost: Free

Developer: Aximedia Soft


Download From Google Play

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