Oct 20 2015

A Tasty Treat for Motion Sickness

shuttle bus So I have a normal job tech job in the San Francisco bay area. And like a lot of tech people, I ride one of those big obnoxious shuttle busses to work. For people that don’t live in the bay area, a lot of tech companies have shuttle bus services for their employees to be herded from San Francisco to their offices throughout the Peninsula and San Jose. Yes, the same type of buses that have been met with some controversy. My bus ride can take over 2 hours each way with traffic. With so much time on the bus, I usually like to take out my laptop and either do some work or surf the internet. One of the problems with this, is I’ll get car sick if I read in a moving vehicle.

After doing some research, I discovered ginger is a common natural remedy for motion sickness. So about 10 minutes before I get on the bus, I eat two or three pieces of candied ginger and I don’t get motion sickness for the entire bus ride. For those who don’t like the taste of ginger, you can probably substitute ginger pills instead. But I like the taste of candied ginger, and it’s sweet and spicy flavor. Candied ginger can contain a lot of sugar, so you might not want to eat too much. Ginger can increase bleeding, so be careful if you are on blood thinners, or have other medical conditions. I couldn’t find the reason why ginger works for motion sickness, but I can vouch that it does work. Ginger is supposed to have anti inflammatory properties also, that may help joint pain. In eastern medicine, eating too much ginger may cause acne, because it’s considered a hot food, also known as yang, and eating too much hot foods may lead to acne.

So if you are looking for a natural, cheap and effective way to battle motion sickness, try a few pieces of ginger!

candied ginger

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