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Jul 20 2014

FootieQuiz Career & Challenge


FootieQuiz Career & Challenge has over 10000 unique football questions and over 10,000 members online. To put things into perspective, you could answer a question per hour every day for an entire year before running out of new quiz questions. A true dream for any football fan that wants to test the accumulated knowledge. Here’s an overview of what FootieQuiz CC offers: – Over 10000 unique quiz questions, more than any other football quiz app there (probably combined) – More than 500 different quizzes to master, from club/player/competition quizzes to head-to-head ones where you compete against your mates – Two […]

Jul 16 2014

KICK MANIA 3D – Football


Dear ANDROID MARKET APPS Greetings from Timuz. We have just released a new mobile game and are excited to send the game details for an honest review on “KICK MANIA 3D – Football”. Game Name : KICK MANIA 3D – Football we can have Video : Game Category : Racing Games Description: Download and Play your new (FREE) sports game – KICK MANIA 3D on Google Play store now! Kick mania 3D is a Soccer Kicks (Football) game with three different modes. Clear the objectives in each level to win the game. A lovely soccer kicks game you […]

Jun 23 2014

Official Brazil Soccer – available now!


Team Football are delighted to announce the release of their first title Official Brazil Soccer Worldwide apart from a select few nations. Official Brazil Soccer is a CBF Licensed Product and it will be released today on the Apple AppStore, Google Play and Windows Store for both mobile phones and tablets for a cost of €2.69 / $2.99 / localised variants. Official Brazil Soccer will be available to purchase Worldwide and will be localised into 8 different languages. The deal for this CBF Licensed Product, that we have previously announced, will mean the game will feature the official flags and […]

Jun 12 2014

Sport Eyes


Hi, We’ve recently released our second Android app called “Sport Eyes” ( ), a vote game celebrating FIFA World Cup 2014. Do you like to bet on sports without actually losing any money? Sport Eyes will let you do just that, it’s a voting game where you choose a team that you think will win for each match and see if you actually get your predictions right. You don’t bet real money, just virtual coins and even better, if you get all game predictions right you will actually win a real MacBook Air (plus 10 T-shirts). “Sport Eyes” is […]

Jun 08 2014

Live Football World Cup 2014


Are you a Football fan who does not want to miss a single update about this year’s Football World cup? This app lets you watch and stream Live Online Football Matches in your native language with One Click bypassing all geo, network and ISP restrictions. No matter wherever you are, be it school, office, overseas or in travel, you just cannot miss any match of this World Cup. “Live Football World Cup 2014” lets you cherish the football fever that this Soccer World Cup Brazil Edition is going to bring. That’s not all. You can have all the updates and […]

Jun 08 2014

Paul the Octopus Vs Tiago (Fish Vs Technology) – world cup app


Football fans are known for turning to a range of unlikely sources to foretell their teams fortunes. Who can forget Paul the Octopus in the 2010 World Cup? Paul shot to worldwide fame with his accurate predictions of Germany’s matches but as they say you’re only as good as your last success, who remembers Leon the porcupine? Quite. Introducing…… Tiago the Turtle, as animal oracles go he’s the top of the tree, or should that be king of the sea? This seafaring prognosticator is mean green and he picks the right team! Fronting an app which uses powerful algorithms to […]

May 16 2013

From Putt Putt To The Pros – Golf Apps That Will Help Improve Your Game

Any golfer knows that having the right golf club for the right occasion makes all the difference in the world, just like being dressed appropriately for an interview can make the difference between being passed over and hired. While some golfers will tell you that their natural abilities more than make up for any added advantages on the course, most people know that having the right tools at your disposal have a profound impact on how you play the game. These days, apps are the newest tool a golfer can have on the go for whatever situation may arise. We’ve […]

Sep 18 2012

Fantasy Football

Football season is off and running, and if you’re like me, you’re involved in a few fantasy leagues. Remember to keep track of all your leagues with fantasy football apps. We can’t always be near a TV to watch the games, or near a computer to make line up changes. With Fantasy Football apps, we can manage our teams from anywhere. Whether you’re in a Yahoo, ESPN, or NFL league, there are apps for them.

Feb 11 2012

New York Knicks Official App

Description: Description
The New York Knicks Official Android App

Download the New York Knicks Official Android App for the KnicksNow fan community. 24/7 Knicks coverage wherever you go. Get the latest Knicks news, videos, photo galleries, and social feeds from

Cost: Free

Developer: MSGI

Feb 11 2012


Description: Vubooo invites football fans to connect around live scores.
Vubooo app for football fans – keeps football/soccer fans connected via live scores.
What were you doing when:
– FC Barcelona & Manchester United met in the Champions League Final
– Rooney scored a beautiful goal for Manchester United in Old Trafford
– Lionel Messi scored his 200th goal for Barcelona
– Ronaldo won the Pichichi Trophy, wearing Real Madrid Jersey
– Liverpool won Champions League & Bayern Munich crowned Bundesliga champions
– Chelsea hosted Arsenal in the Premier League

Cost: Free

Developer: Vubooo Ltd

Jan 31 2012

NBA Game Time 2011-2012

Description: Get the NBA in the palm of your hand! Updated for the 2011 season, NBA Game Time is the official app to follow the NBA wherever you are.

Cost: Free

Developer: NBA

Feb 26 2010


Description: SportsTap is the ultimate mobile sports portal. Access all the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA Football & Basketball, NASCAR, Golf, Tennis, Soccer and Futbol scores and stats from anywhere, or follow local teams wherever you are on LocalTap.

Version: 2.4.3

Cost: Free

Developer: Mobile1Sports

Feb 01 2010

Live Scores

Description: Simple, fast scores for NFL, NCAA, College Football, NBA, NCAA, Basketball, MLB and NHL. Live play-by-play, stats and standings and a whole lot more coming soon.

Version: 1.3

Cost: Free

Developer: Sportacular / Citizens Sports

Jan 21 2010

Pro Basketball Scores

Description: Pro Basketball Scores gives fans all of the information they crave: live scores, breaking news and one touch access from a personalized home page.

Version: .99 beta

Cost: Free

Developer: Plusmo, Inc.

Dec 12 2009

Basketball Tactics


Description: Playing basketball is fun. The Basketball Tactics App are here to help your play. You can see the animated basketball play diagram in this app.

Version: 1.0

Cost: Free

Developer: Coconut Labs