Jun 08 2014

Paul the Octopus Vs Tiago (Fish Vs Technology) – world cup app

Football fans are known for turning to a range of unlikely sources to foretell their teams fortunes. Who can forget Paul the Octopus in the 2010 World Cup? Paul shot to worldwide fame with his accurate predictions of Germany’s matches but as they say you’re only as good as your last success, who remembers Leon the porcupine? Quite.

Introducing…… Tiago the Turtle, as animal oracles go he’s the top of the tree, or should that be king of the sea? This seafaring prognosticator is mean green and he picks the right team! Fronting an app which uses powerful algorithms to accurately predict the next results, Tiago has technology on his side.

Tiago was created to prove that technology can beat mythology with the target to beat Paul the octopus’s impressive success rate of 85 percent, with 11 out of 13 matches correctly predicted.

The free android app is below,



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