Aug 30 2013

8 Things Android Tablets And Phones Do Better

There are 8 crucial points that you should keep in mind when try to decide between an android tablet or phone and any other device.  These 8 points are things that android tablets or phones are recognized as doing better.  These points are actually very important when you think about what you are going to be doing on the phone or tablet.

Browsing the Internet

If you have a favourite web browser on your computer you may feel more comfortable using it on your android device as well.  On certain devices you are unable to download apps that replace the core defaults and the web browser is one of these core defaults.  If you like Opera as a web browser then you can get Opera Mini on an android device.  You can also get the default manufacturer browser or Google chrome.

The possibilities for browsing the internet are endless.  If you can find the browser as an app then you will be able to download it and use it as the default.  Of course, you should not neglect the android default browser which supports flash and open websites very quickly.

The Android Tablet and Phone Desktop

The iPhone does not allow you to customise the desktop of you device.  This means that the home screen is a listing of apps and you can do nothing about this.  With android you are able to place some apps on the desktop, but you can also include very helpful widgets.  These widgets all serve a purpose and make the navigation of your device and the ease of use faster and better.

On the desktop you can place a message widget that lets you view your email on the desktop.  You can also have a weather widget or a social media widget that tells you all the information you need about what is happening.  If you are always on Twitter you can even get a Twitter widget that allows you to update your status from the phone desktop.

The Connectivity

Connectivity is very important when you use a mobile phone or a tablet.  You need to be able to easily turn on your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile data and GPS.  With android this is very easy to do and buttons are generally placed in easy to find areas.  Of course, the location of these switches does vary depending on the device and the manufacturer.  Some devices will have a menu at the top of the screen that can be pulled down and the switches will be there.  Other devices have the switches on a separate page that you can easily navigate to.  The fact is that you never have to navigate your way to the settings page and try to switch your connections on from there.

PC Connections

Connecting your phone to your computer is important if you ever want to share data.  Of course, there are a number of cloud storage services that make this much easier to do now.  However, before the advent of the cloud you had and still have to connect your phone to you computer and sync them.  Some mobile operating systems require the use of special programmes to sync your phone and manage the data.  However, this is not the case with android phones as they are able to sync with just about any computer.  There is a connection issue with the Linux operating system, but you can easily bypass this issue with the use of SD cards.

The Notification System

Android allows all apps to connect to the notification system.  This means that if something is happening on Twitter you get a notification and if you get a new email you also get a notification.  This is one problem that many people have with the Apple operating system.  Not all apps are able to connect to the notification system on Apple products which means that you have to open the app to see any changes.

The notification system of android devices is also instant.  If an app has something new to tell you whether it is an update to the app or a notification on your account you will get it right away.

Personalising Your Device

Android is perhaps the least structured operating system when it comes to customisation and personalisation.  User configuration is often viewed as unimportant, but if you are looking to get the most out of your mobile device then you have to customise.  With android devices you are able to not only able to adjust the desktop, but you are able to create a new screen for all your social media.  The options for customising your android device are endless.  With many other operating systems you are limited to what the creator wants and nothing else.

The Google Play Store

Getting an app for something is par for the course now and for a long time this was something that Apple excelled in.  Now if Apple has an app for something you are likely to find that android has one to.  The big difference is that the android app is probably free or costs a lot less than the Apple app.  On the Google Play Store you are able to find free and paid apps for just about everything.  If you want an app that tells you about other apps then you are likely to find one in the Google Play Store.

Open Source Software

You may not realise that android users benefit greatly from the fact that android is open source software.  The greatest benefit that comes from this is the number of android developers out there who are creating new apps and helping people make their android experience better.  Of course, there are also developers who are not looking out for the average user’s best interests.  However, these developers who are looking for weaknesses in the android system are also helping make the system better.  By identifying the weak points Google and other developers can plug the holes.

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