Jun 21 2013

How iOS 7 is Going to Sweat Its Rivals


In a much publicized developers conference 2013, Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the next version of iOS with an unpredicted iTunes Radio. This news is spreading like a forest fire across multiple business channels and the traditional and business circles of electronics world has started analyzing the possible prospects of these latest incomings from Cupertino based electronics giant.

On looking from analytical point of view, there are five key business organizations: Samsung-the long time rival, Microsoft-the traditional rival, Google-the unconventional rival, and Spotify-Pandora-the possible rival. These companies may face the positive or negative impact of these launches. In order to assess the possible impact of these releases, we should explore the features of iOS 7.

iOS 7 – The Multitasking OS


Among all striking features of iOS 7, the multitasking is the most iconic feature. Now, your iPhone or iPad will update you about the health of available connection to fetch data. By clicking twice on the home screen, you can switch between applications with the help of thumbnails views of apps. Moreover, you just need to swipe an application to close that app.

iOS 7- Safari Has Improvised


For your surprise, the iconic web browser of iOS devices called Safari has revitalized. Now, you can enjoy full screen views. The new browser is focused towards contents instead of controls. You can navigate to back pages by swiping in from the edge of the display. Surprisingly, you will find something similar to Android and that something is “add a new tab option”. The opened tabs can be rearranged by drag and drop in Android manner. The improved Safari will make app making companies to hire iPhone developers for improving their browser apps to compete with improved Safari.

iOS 7 – Enjoy Newly Redefined Controls


Considering the controlling issues in previous devices, Apple has redefined the control procedures in iOS 7. In new operating system, the iPhone users will have a separate control center menu, which can be accessed by swiping up from the bottom of iPhone or iPad’s display. The control center will allow you to adjust the look & feel of your device like increment in brightness, contrast, engaging Airplane mode, and music playback settings. Moreover, the control center menu will be transparent and allow you to see your current application.

iOS 7 – Camera Has Grown Up


This time Apple has boosted its device’s camera with multiple filters. However, the striking feature of iOS 7 camera is the competency of clicking pictures on right moments. It automatically perceives the moment that should be clicked. The clicked pictures can be viewed as per the year. You can scrub for finding a particular picture out of thousands. For your surprise, the iCloud will also support video sharing in iOS 7 and other iPhone users can share pictures in your Photo stream.

So, the improved iOS 7 is going to give a tough competition to Android. Apple has grabbed the gold of Android and made iOS 7 a next to perfect SmartPhone operating system.

Author Bio: Mia Johnson is a freelance blogger associated with an iOS Developers India firm at full-time basis. He has been blogging for Offshore Mobile Development niche for past 5 years and currently heads the editorial team of various web technology blogs.

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