Aug 12 2013

The Best Cases For The Samsung Galaxy S3 Black

If you have decided to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S3 Black, then you will want to make sure that you take good care of it. The best way to protect your investment is to buy a dedicated case that is designed exclusively for the Galaxy S3 Black. As you begin to search for the perfect case, you will realize that these cases are available in many different styles and colours. You can be assured that no matter what type of case you choose for your phone, it will protect your mobile device from all of the bumps and bruises that occur during normal wear and tear. You will also be able to find a stylish looking case that will meet your financial needs. There are several cases currently available that you can choose from.

Samsung Galaxy S3

The Seidio Convert Combo

This case is on the higher end of the price range at around 50 pounds. This combo comes with a standard case that is sleek and stylish with the normal cut outs. You also get an extra skin that has covers for certain ports, slots, and other sensitive openings on your mobile phone. This combo even comes with a holster that you can easily attach to a belt or other accessory. The Seidio Convert Combo is one of the few cases on the market that provides separate protection for the camera lens.

The Cruzerlite Persona Case

The TPU case is a very popular case, and if you have never purchased a case for your Samsung Galaxy S3 Black, this one would be a great option. Many of the cases for this phone are created out of this material, and there is good reason for this. The case is very durable but lightweight. It is scratch resistant, and it can absorb the shock from falls very effectively. You will also have complete access to everything on your phone, and you can order them in several different designs.

The Vaja Agenda Leather Case

This is one of the premium cases available for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Black. At around 100 pounds, this case is completely customisable. The case has an exceptional feel, and this is most likely due to the fact that it is constructed from two different leather types. Your Galaxy S3 Black will fit snugly inside the leather case, and you will know that it is well protected with the magnetic closure.

The iLuv Designer Case

This is a hard shell case that boasts many different types of artistic pictures. You can find these cases depicting your favourite cartoon character or contemporary art designs. The smooth finish allows you to easily move the phone from one location to another.

The Ballistic SG Maxx Case

Do you desire serious protection for your Samsung Galaxy S3 Black?  Then, look no further than the Ballistic SG Maxx Case. This case has four layers that will be between your phone and any hard surface. The four protectors are:

  • A moulded protector for the screen
  • A shock absorbent protector
  • A polycarbonate protector
  • A silicone layer protector

Most of the cases are two toned in colour, and they will make your phone a little bulkier. But, this case will provide you ultimate protection for your phone.

Laura Ginn loves her Samsung Galaxy S3 Black but she does recommend getting a case for it to protect it from damage.

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