Feb 11 2012

Air Playit

Description: Air Playit is a video streaming software designed to stream videos audios to Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Google Android OS mobile devices. Air Playit is capable of streaming 320 different video & audio formats to your mobile devices via WiFi and 3G/4G network. It acts as your personal audio video cloud server and lets you watch videos on the go.

Cost: Free

Developer: Air Playit

Air Playit is a wonderful app to stream videos and music from your computer to your mobile device. It worked like a charm for me. Once you have Air Playit setup, streaming videos and music from your computer is quick and easy. Connecting to your computer from the Air Playit app is quick. It took me less than a second to connect. Load file times are fast. There is very little buffering time as long as you have good data speed. At 4 MBPS, a 7 MB video file took 12 seconds to load while a 356 MB video file took 17 seconds to load. This time also depends on your play back settings. I used the default settings and video quality was very good.

You can turn off or restart your computer using Air Playit.

Setting up Air Playit is quick, though it can be a little tricky. You might have to perform some port forwarding on your router. The full setup instructions can be found on the Air Playit website. The instructions to set up on a 3g/4g connection can be found here.

You may have to adjust some firewall settings on your computer to to allow Air Playit to  connect.

Air Playit is not available on the Android Market yet. You will have to download it from the Air Playit website below.

Download Here From the Air Playit Website.

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