Feb 16 2010

Color Flashlight

Description: Turn your phone into a color flashlight.  It helps find your way in the theater is that you keep stepping on.  Dance with strobe light.

Version: 2.60

Cost: Free

Developer: Notes

Yet another flash light app, though this one has more options than most flash light apps.  Other than being able change to color and brightness Color Flashlight offers these options:

Text – Display highlighted text

Emergency – Flashes 2 colors

Strobe – A strobe light

Blink – Blinks highlighted text

Police – Flashes red and blue with a police siren

Rainbow – Flashes a rainbow of colors at once which I wouldn’t doubt caused my seizure this morning

Scroll – Scrolls highlighted text

Spiral – Creates a spiral of color for hypnotizing people

Disco – Revolving colors with a circle in the middle, similar to the Japanese rising sun

Slide – Scrolling blinking highlighted text

Candle – Picture of a candle, used for concerts that don’t allow lighters.

Download Here

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