Feb 04 2010

Metal Detector

Description: Turns your cell phone into a metal detector, and makes people with iPhones jealous.


*If you’re @ a PC, itll screw with the readings, so set it on a desk, zero, then wave stuff on top of it.

* It can’t detect some stuff like aluminum.

Version: 1.2

Cost: Free

Developer: Kurt Radwanski

This is a pretty nifty app.  It’s not a joke, it really works.  Place it over a something metal and it’ll detect the metal.

At first I was skeptical on whether this really detected metal or if it was working by some positioning of the phone.  After some research, I found the phone could be turned in to a metal detector by using the compass.  Ingenious programming right there.

It’s not the most accurate, but it does work.  You can change the sensitivity of the detection to get more accurate reads.  Configure the phone to vibrate, play a sound, or display custom text if it detects metal.

Download Here

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