Jul 15 2011


Description: Simply draw directly on your screen to call or text any contact using Sign.

Sign is a unique, gesture-based speed dial application. Quickly and easily call or text the people you contact most often directly from the home screen with a simple swipe of your finger.


*Faster opening speed

*Optional background service for optimum speed/performance

*Open/use Sign even when other apps are open(requires background service to be active)

*Improved graphics

*Fixed contact database issues on some phones


*Enhanced Gesture Recognition System prevents accidental calls/misdials

*Draw “Signs” directly onto your home screen

*FAST – call/text any contact in seconds

*Call without looking at the screen

*Create unique gesture for any contact

*Multi-stroke gestures

*Unlimited speed dial storage (full version only)

*Advanced misdial prevention including:

•Fully Adjustable call confirmation (OFF or up to 4 seconds)

•Contact confirmation feature

•Auto-close feature

•Single-tap call prevention

•Vibration feedback for successful/failed recognition

*No call log after call ends

*Simple and fast set up – 15 seconds or less

*Updated graphics

If you have any problems or issues just send us a quick email at simplyapplied@gmail.com. We’ll respond quickly to resolve your issue.

Version: 2.3.6

Cost: .99

Developer: Simply Applied

Scrolling through your contact list to find a number to dial is a hard and tedious task.  Sign makes this tedious task easier by adding gestures to your contact list, as long as you can remember what gestures you assigned to your contact.  Sign is a great idea considering speed dial isn’t even available on some versions of the Android OS.  Or Sign can be use as an additional speed dial when your 10 speed dial numbers are filled up.  Sign works quite well.  It loads up quickly.  It recognized the gestures I assigned consistently.   Setting up the gestures was fast and easy.  The call confirmation countdown really helped in case I inputted the wrong gesture. Sign offers a way to dial a number quickly with minimal need to look at the screen.

Download Here

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