Aug 14 2013

4 Birthday Apps For Kids

Real birthday party happiness, virtual birthday party fun, pre-birthday party countdown and post-birthday gloom, whatever the occasion is, birthday is one word children love. Once it’s over, they take a while to get distracted by something else. Thus, for all those parents who cannot bear to let their child face post birthday party glumness, here is a list of apps you can download for them. They will never be disappointed and nor will you:

Baby’s Birthday Party: Party planning for beginners, this fun app lets the child organise his/her own birthday party, virtually. It is a great app to have as the kid gets to be the master of the birthday party, with the table cloth, snacks, and drinks and of course cake is all decided by him/her. It helps the child simulate a real party scene and creates a warm and happy atmosphere. Due to its interactive nature; this app helps the child interact with all his/her friends having this app. The delicious cakes and donuts wave out, special gifts are presented and a birthday song is sung. Your kid will never pine for his birthday to come back soon again.

Baby’s Birthday Party Android App

Birthday Party! Your Portable B.Day Cake: Cakes are one of those few things that can bring a smile on anyone’s face. This app surely knows how to bring that broad smile by giving you the “Love Cake”. Choose from five delicious, shiny and irresistibly sweet cakes to celebrate that extremely happy birthday. Just go on the selection menu and pick up the frostings as per the themes. Hence, during Christmas time, there are cakes in the flavour of snow, winter and of course, Christmas. You can also get the stand-alone versions if you don’t like being a part of the “pack”. This is not only for your baby, but you also as no one can resist a cake, real or virtual.

Birthday Party! Your Portable B.Day Cake Apple App!-your-portable/id309794943?mt=8

Happy Birthday Greetings: This app channels your kid’s creativity to its optimum use. Your child can create and send their own personal handmade card (okay, stylus or finger made) in a matter of a few clicks. They get to make a custom card from scratch using stock, drag and drop elements or by drawing on their own. The kid can upload his/her own photos and dress it up with super-cool special effects and proceed to share on every social networking site. The user can pick from a myriad of beautiful designs or draw something completely new on their own all from their android device. Starting from the scratch is encouraged in this app, they provide the user with a canvas, and all the kid needs is imagination. They can make the background as per their liking to set the mood of the greeting card, along with the graphics and the text they want to put in, it can be a poem or a little note, anything.

Happy Birthday Greetings Android App

Pooh’s Birthday Surprise: Your child’s favourite cartoon on the app created by Disney itself. This marvelous app is a Disney Learning interactive storybook designed to help children gain and reinforce early literacy and pre-math concepts. Hoping to make life easier for them when they grow up, the child can read along with the narration provided along with joining the birthday planning activities. What makes this birthday party planning better is that the kid is surrounded by his/her favourite Hundred-Acre Wood friends. Apart from learning, the kids enjoy a rich storytelling experience with Winnie the Pooh leading the pack. All he/she has to do is tap-and-play.

Pooh’s Birthday Surprise Apple App  

These are a few birthday apps your child should play when bored. Their imagination will run explode and their learning will increase.

The author of today’s post, Jenny Wadlow, is an active blogger who often writes for Sweet By nature, a business providing gourmet cakes and desserts in Heidelberg West Vic., Australia. She enjoys cooking and baking during her free time. You can follow her on Twitter@JennyWadlow.

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