Jul 16 2013

Best Apps For Concert Goers

It is impossible to imagine any summer season without concerts, open-air parties, and music festivals. Big cities can offer various sorts of music events throughout the year. Concerts and musical festivals are in full swing across the USA and Europe. Multitude concert options can puzzle a new concertgoer. That is why we have made a list of apps to help you navigate through the concert scene. If you enjoy live music, you should check out these music apps for Android and iOS:


Gigbeat is a great app for Android that allows you to track the tours of your favorite artists. With this app, you will not miss a show of the popular band, just because you did not know they were performing in your town. You can also track your favorite artists on Last.fm, Songkick, and Rdio and make your own playlists. You can either search for the music events in your area or enter the artist’s name and see the tour details. The app will send you notifications about the tour dates and location.

Ticket Master App

Therefore, you already know where you want to go, you picked the band and now you need to get your tickets. Install the Ticket Master app on your Android device to purchase any concert tickets in your area. You need to search for the venue, pick the date and the seat and pay online. You can get an electronic ticket and print it out. Now you are ready to go to the concert and enjoy the performance.

Crowd Stream App

This Android app will give you a chance to interact with other concertgoers. Use it when you are at the concert to see what other people post and say about the performance. You can exchange pictures, videos and comments and post them on Facebook. People with better seats will take great pictures. Do not miss an opportunity to share your shots and get the best pictures from the crowd.

BandisinTown app

You can create your own events calendar with this app for iOS. It will provide you with all the necessary information on the new artists, tours, and musical events in your area. You can use your Facebook account to log in, receive notifications on concert updates and share your statuses and pictures from the concerts. The app also allows you to choose the tickets and pay online. You may also receive concert recommendations based on your music taste and location.

SongKick Concerts

This great app can scan your iPhone or iPod music collection to detect your favorite artists in order to create your personalized calendar. You will be notified in case your favorite band is going to perform in town. You may also invite your friends to join you, browse the venue map and book the tickets online. In case you are planning to travel to another town, you will have a chance to scan all the concerts in the area and keep track of your schedule via this app. Many people enjoy using this concert recommendation service for its great interface and ease of use.

Allen Marsh wrote this guest post on behalf of Sonicbids. He is a freelance writer who shares his tech tips on various blogs.

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