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Description: Mytubo – sharing life with effects

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Mytubo is a photo effects and sharing app. Take a snapshot with your phone, apply some old/dramatic/funky effects to it and share with your friends.

We’re trying to build a world where everyone can express his idea/emotion/view thru simple/casual visuals from mobile photography, instead of text or professional photos.

The creation process of mytubo is around two cores: 1.Make photo looks good. 2. Make sharing easy. For the 1st purpose we’ve created 14 effects. For the latter we’ve done a social network where everyone can share newest photos and interact with each other. The photo can also be shared easily to Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS.

Version: 1.3.0

Cost: Free

Developer: Mytubo

mytubo is a wonderful app to easily share photos with other mytubo users or other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. Like other social networks, you can follow, comment, and like other users photos.

Take a picture and apply some affects to make it look artsy. Post the picture and wait for the comments to start rolling in.

Some users have posted some really cool looking pictures. mytubo encourages using non copyrighted images so most pictures are real pictures from users.

mytubo has a lot of users from Asia.

The only qualm I have about mytubo is mytubo can some times take a while to load pictures on the main page. It’s strange though because the image loads right away when I click on the original picture. Other than that, mytubo is solid. mytubo has a simple interface and is easy to use from the get go.

Here’s another social network to join. mytubo!

Similar apps: mytubo, Lightbox, picplz

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