Aug 06 2011

Tourist Eye Travel Guide

Description: Web & Mobile Travel Guide. Offline Maps. Cities, tours, Trip journal.

★ Tourist Eye is a free web & mobile travel app: Search for cities, plan your Trip, and have all places, tours and OFFLINE MAPS wherever you are. Share your Trip Journal, even with Facebook or Twitter.

2011 June. New version that fixes all previous errors! Updated June 14th.

♥ Top #1 on App Store Travel ranking for several weeks.

♥ Top #10 on the Android Market and iPhone App Store General ranking for several weeks.

♥ Featured on Techcrunch, Tnooz and other prestigious blogs.



✔ Information, photos and maps available offline. Avoid paying expensive roaming charges while traveling.

✔ Integrated with Twitter and Facebook. Share every detail of your trip on real time.

✔ Share photos, messages, comments, check-in’s and add new places while traveling, even offline!

✔ Web & Mobile Trip Journal to share your experience with those who are at home.

✔ Touristic points of interest, restaurants and leisure attractions. Always up-to-date information to discover everything about the cities you visit.

✔ Trip planning: Select the dates, the people who will travel with you and the cities you are going to visit. You’ll have all the information on your Android phone.

✔ City Tours: Enjoy tours created by other users and enjoy every detail from your destination: gastronomic tours, rainy days tours, bicycle routes, etc.


★ Hundreds of cities available ★

We have information about hundreds of cities, and everyday our thousands of users add more places to visit and eat.

– Europe

Paris Travel Guide,London Travel Guide,Berlin Travel Guide,Madrid Travel Guide,Barcelona Travel Guide,Rome Travel Guide,Milan Travel Guide,Amsterdam Travel Guide,Edinburgh Travel Guide,Seville Travel Guide,Cordoba Travel Guide,Granada Travel Guide,Praha Travel Guide,Venetia Travel Guide,Vienna Travel Guide,Copenhagen Travel Guide,Brussels Travel Guide,Florence Travel Guide,Dublin Travel Guide,Oslo Travel Guide,Varsovia Travel Guide,Athens Travel Guide, Istanbul Travel Guide, Budapest Travel Guide,Lisbon Travel Guide,Saint Petersburg Travel Guide,Moscow Travel Guide,Munich Travel Guide,Majorca Travel Guide,Ibiza Travel Guide,Canary Islands Travel Guide,Spain Travel Guide,France Travel Guide,United Kingdom Travel Guide,Ireland Travel Guide,Germany Travel Guide,Italy Travel Guide,Greece Travel Guide,Norway Travel Guide

– North America

New York Travel Guide,Boston Travel Guide,Washington Travel Guide,San Francisco Travel Guide,Los Angeles Travel Guide,Las Vegas Travel Guide,Miami Travel Guide,New Orleans Travel Guide,Chicago Travel Guide,Toronto Travel Guide,Quebec Travel Guide,Montreal Travel Guide,Vancouver Travel Guide,USA Travel Guide,Canada Travel Guide,Mexico Travel Guide

– Asia

Tokyo Travel Guide,Bangkok Travel Guide,Singapore Travel Guide,Sidney Travel Guide,Japan Travel Guide,China Travel Guide,Australia Travel Guide

– South America

Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide,Santiago Travel Guide,Buenos Aires Travel Guide,Argentina Travel Guide,Brasil Travel Guide,Chile Travel Guide

– Africa

Marrakech Travel Guide,Cairo Travel Guide,Alexandria Travel Guide,Luxor Travel Guide,Aswan Travel Guide,Egypt Travel Guide,Morocco Travel Guide,South Africa Travel Guide



Remember that Tourist Eye works without Internet. Even the maps and your position will be available offline.

You can visit to get inspired and plan your trip in a much more detailed way. You can even invite friends to join your trip.



Calls: We phone a number only if you call a restaurant
Internet: You can change the setting: Offline, WiFi or 3G/WiFi

Version: 1.2

Cost: Free

Developer: Tourist Eye

Tourist Eye isn’t going to replace your travel guide books, but it can be a complement to them. Tourist Eye uses data from their users to create trips and destination recommendations for you. Destinations are separated into Attractions, Restaurants and Entertainment. Check for more information on users and destinations.

The best thing about Tourist Eye is you can download the trip information to your phone so you don’t need to access data in order to view the trip. So if you’re in another country without a data plan, you can still use Tourist Eye as a guide to interesting destinations. You can view destination information and maps while your offline.

Most of Tourist Eye users seem to be from Europe at the moment so destinations in Europe are better covered than other areas.

Searching for cities on Tourist Eye can get annoying because it only displays the city and not the state or country the city is in. For instance, I searched for Paris and it gave me 2 locations labeled Paris. One was Paris, France, the other was Paris, Texas. I didn’t know which one was which until I went into the information for each Paris result. Another location with multiple locations was San Jose. San Jose was even worse with 5 different locations labeled San Jose. They we’re from San Jose, Costa Rica to San Jose, California, San Jose, Spain and San Jose, Mexico. There’s no way to view the cities without first adding it to your cities list.

The option to erase your city from your trip is messed up also. The visit and remove options are swapped.

With more users, I can imagine Tourist Eye getting better. There’s a good amount of destination information in major cities around the world already. The app needs a little work for a better user interface.

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