Jun 02 2013

Free Apps For Frugal Living

With grocery prices, utility bills, the cost of petrol and almost everything else on the rise, money saving has never been more important. Apps for iOS and Android smartphones have improved almost every aspect of day-to-day life, and those keen to adopt a frugal attitude will be pleased to hear that there are dozens of apps dedicated to thriftiness. Even better, they’re free to download and use.

No To 0870 0800 0844 0845 / Android

Most companies or businesses have little sympathy for their customer’s phone bills. Having to call premium rate phone numbers to get through to customer support can be expensive from a landline and absolutely extortionate from a mobile phone. Of course, being stuck in a hold queue can make these fees even worse. Fortunately, this clever Android app provides much cheaper landline numbers for most major companies. Users simply have to enter in the premium rate 0845 or 0844 number and the app searches for a much more affordable alternative.

Vouchercloud / Android & iOS

Coupons and vouchers no longer have the stigma of being used by penny pinchers who hold up the line at the supermarket. Most people are happy to hunt out a good deal or find a way to save a bit of money when making a big or small purchase. The Vouchercloud app for Android and iOS devices is the easiest way to find vouchers for big high street stores and small local businesses. Vouchercloud uses GPS to locate coupons and discounts for nearby businesses which users can download and redeem or store for later use. It’s much easier than having to print them off or cut them out of the newspaper and many businesses offer coupons exclusive to Vouchercloud.

ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner / Android & iOS

Traipsing up and down the supermarket aisles, it can be hard to figure out whether there is a bargain on offer or not. With prices forever rising and falling, it’s difficult to keep track of what’s gone up and what’s a must-have deal. The clever ShopSavvy app uses the user’s smartphone camera to scan a product’s barcode. The extensive database has thousands of different products which range from grocery items to expensive electronic purchases, and within seconds the app retrieves the lowest local or online prices so users can see if they are getting the best price. ShopSavvy also retrieves directions and contact phone numbers to other local retailers so it’s even easier to sniff out a bargain elsewhere. The app is community-powered so if a product isn’t in the app database, users can contribute and add missing barcodes and their prices to the system.

Gumtree / Android & iOS

The Gumtree app for Android and iOS is the easiest way to browse this popular classified website. With thousands of listings organised by location and category, frugal shoppers can find bargain items and services. Users can find the likes of barely used furniture, refurbished electronics and second-hand cars all on offer. Some listings even offer completely free and unwanted goods.

Whether it’s just a couple of quid off the weekly grocery bill or finding a brand new television hundreds of pounds cheaper, Android and iOS apps offer quick and convenient ways to take advantage of bargains and vouchers – and new apps are constantly being released, from a free taxi booking app to a new restaurant discount vouchers app – so always keep an eye on the market to stay on top of frugal living!

This article is brought to you by Jenny, a tech blogger from Essex.

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