Jun 08 2013

The Lucrative Business Of App Development

Making apps with Google’s Android platform is both fun and relatively easy. There are plenty of ways to get into the field of app creation, and many people just like to make apps as a hobby. The open source nature of the Android platform allows for a number of unique opportunities. With software develop kits available to much of the Android-owning public, it’s easy to see why creating apps is simple. The real question, however, generally revolves around how to make money with apps that are both inexpensive to make and eminently usable for a wide variety of people.

Different Money Making Methods In The Marketplace:

Indeed, when creating an app, there are really two approaches: casual and competitive. If you just want to create an app for your friends and family to use, then you’re obviously not going to put that much thought into the design implements and the interface. But, if you want to create an app that can rake in the dough, you’ll need to develop it with competition in mind. Either that or you’ll just have to get lucky. Even casually-created Android apps can make their way into the app store, and, if they happen to garner some degree of popularity, you could find yourself a bit richer.

Of course, most apps that perform well financially have been developed with that goal in mind. For instance, Eddie Kim created a uniquely helpful app called “Car Locator.” As its name suggests, the app helps you find your car if you can’t seem to find it in a crowded parking lot. Kim pulls in about $13,000 every month from a simple app that costs $4. Of course, these results aren’t typical but they certainly indicate what an app needs for success. Kim saw a need, built an app to meet that need, and is now reaping the rewards.

Why One App Is Developed Over Another:

What keeps most people from developing simple apps like Car Locator is the fact that app design seems far too abstruse for any laymen to master. But, the software development kits available make app creation much easier than you might imagine. Obviously, you still need to come up with an idea and you need to realize the full potential of that idea within the app, but you don’t need to have extensive coding knowledge to get the job done. If you want to make money with apps, the obvious choice is to go with Android.

There are a number of ways to actually earn money with an app, but it really all starts with making an enticing product. In the same way that inventors look for solutions to common problems, app developers must carve an important and lucrative niche if they want to be a financial success. Maybe that takes the shape of an app similar to Car Locator and maybe it takes the shape of an interactive storybook app for children. There are always going to be new apps that make it big despite their small beginnings. The newest app of that ilk could be yours.

Martin Blackman is an Android app developer from Australia. He has created more than 20 apps and offers advice on the Android app market.

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