Dec 17 2009

Checkers for Android

Description: Checkers application with touch screen or trackball input.  Highlights last played move.  Undo up to eight plies.  Engine plays at various levels with choice between mandatory captures or optional captures.

Version: 2.1.1

Cost: Free

Developer: Aart Bik






Checkers is too damn hard.  That’s what I got from this App.  I couldn’t even beat the computer on level 2.  WTF?

I haven’t played checkers since I was probably 10 but based on my limited checkers knowledge, this seamed like a good Checkers App.   The graphics could have been better.

All the people that complained the game won’t let you move where you want, check the options and select “optional jumps”.

The options are OK.  You get a “Move Coach”, “Optional Jumps”, “View from White”, “Wooden Board” and “Full Screen”.  The levels range from 0 to 5, with the hardest (5) level taking longer to compute the moves.  As I said earlier, I couldn’t beat the game past level 1, and my best friend Bobby Fischer was coaching me!  But that dumb ass only knows how to play chess.  There’s also a missing stat of the history of games you’ve played.  The graphics aren’t great.  If you’re really looking for a game of checkers where you can’t win, this App is for you.

I’ve got to contact Alex Moiseyev for some tips.

Download Here

Also check out Chess from the same developer HERE

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