Dec 11 2009

Four 2 Win

Description: four 2 win is the classical two-player game in which you have to connect four discs — vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. It provides various skill levels as well as statistics to monitor your progress in skill over time. And the best: four 2 win is absolutely free of charge.

Version: 1.0.0

Cost: Free

Developer: TIC-mobile






This ConnectFour game is well done. The computers difficulty level can be adjusted from 0 to 6 and it’s clumsiness level can be adjusted from 0 – 100. It keeps running stats of the total games played and a win loss of the current session. The game can really slow down once you adjust the difficulty to level 4 and clumsiness level to under 20. At these settings, the computer starts taking a while to compute the next move to make. At the higher difficulty levels, the games do get pretty challenging. The graphics aren’t great. They consist of a couple lines and circles.

The game doesn’t automatically save if you exit out of it. So if you had to end a game midway and came back to it later, you’d have to start it over. It’s also missing a 2 human player mode.

This game is OK for a Connect Four game playing against the computer, but the graphics could be better and there could be some more features, like the human/human play and auto save.

Download Here

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