May 20 2013

Fruit Tiles

Description: Blow away the stress with fruit tiles!
‘Fruit Tiles’ is a free puzzle game which everyone can enjoy.
The goal is to clear tiles on the screen within the time you have.
Touch a blank space between the fruits.
If you match up the fruits up & down, right & left or cross based on your touch point,
you’ll get the matching fruits.
This game is simple and easy.
The higher the level is, the more difficult it becomes.
So you’ll be stimulated with challenge!
Some powerful items might help you at the crucial moment.
You can buy items with game money at the item shop.

There are 7 items for you now.

1 Hammer: drops one fruit.
2 Plasma Ball: matches up some fruits toward 4 directions.
3 Bomb: blows up 3×3 fruits.
4 HLightning: blows up fruits horizontally.
5 VLightning: blows up fruits vertically.
6 Magic Ball: blows up all the same kind of fruits.
7 Hourglass: increases play time.

Cost: Free

Developer: Timo Games

fruit tiles 1

fruit tiles

fruit tiles 2

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