May 31 2014

Ocean Hunt, the ultimate ocean fishing adventure for Android and iOS

We’re an indie game development studio called Won-O-Soft and we recently released our seventh game called “Ocean Hunt” ( ), the ultimate ocean hunting experience.

Get your spear ready and try to catch Moby Dick, hopefully with more success than Captain Ahab. In “Ocean Hunt” you use your fishing skills to become the ultimate ocean hunter and reel in the big fish.

With very simple controls, the goal is to shoot your spear at the swimming fish and once caught to reel them back up quickly to avoid losing them. It’s a fast paced arcade game where you have to master some physics skills in calculating projected trajectories to actually catch the fish. “Ocean Hunt” is a feast for the eye due to the exotic look of the fish and a challenge for the finger, with other features such as:
– Over 28 different species of fish to catch from very small to large ones (bad luck for Nemo if you’re a good fisherman)
– Avoid lots of different trash items as those would only reduce your score and slow you down
– Turn reel system after you caught a fish to bring it quickly back up to the surface or risk losing it
– Catchy soundtrack that fits the fishing mood
– Online leaderboard to share your scores and see how good of a fisherman you are

“Ocean Hunt” doesn’t have any in-app purchases. It is available for free on Google Play ( ) and on the iOS appstore ( )


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