Jan 14 2010

Phit Droid

Description: Slide the blocks to form a rectangle.

Phit Droid is a puzzle version of Tetris, a cross between a Tetris and Tangram type game. Take Tetris-like blocks and drag them around the screen until they fit in the shaded area. Sounds like an easy take on tanagrams, but you’ll quickly realize how tricky things can get.

– 1000+ Unique puzzles
– every puzzle has EXACTLY ONE and ONLY ONE solution.

Version: 1.2.1

Cost: Free

Developer: mToy

A simple yet addicting puzzle game where you try to fit all the pieces together onto the designated area.

It starts out easy, but it can get quite challenging as the level goes up, the designated area gets larger, and more pieces are used.  With over 1000 levels, it could take endless hours to complete all the puzzles.

Help others and email me your Phit Droid Solutions and I’ll post them here.

Download Here

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    1. Comment by saundra coleman on May 25, 2010 at 3:27 pm

      Can you please post hint for 336. Lovin the game and then this level. I and everyone around have tried and we need help. Thanks

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