Jul 19 2014

Save the Joker


I would like my App “Save the Joker” to be featured and added on you site.

These are the details:

Mission “Save the Joker” is here kids! Do you want the coolest brain game, with a puzzling twist? Save the Joker is ArcadeRush Games’ newest addition to the club. Help the waving joker go through different puzzling situations and find his way home. Kids, you need more brains than you think to get to the next level of this puzzle game!
So kids you play this super fun game where you have to break objects and make the joker fall at the right angle in order to reach the destination of next level. If the Joker fall on the ground then you will fail and will have to try again. The game has many exciting levels and each level presents itself with a new and unique challenge. You’ll have to play this free puzzle game for a few days to solve every stage.
Save the Joker, is THE most intelligent free puzzle game in many different ways. The game requires you to think differently at each level to solve fun free puzzle situations. Break the correct wooden blocks to make the joker reach the box. And kids, make sure you break the blocks at right moment in some cases because, puzzle solving needs to be precise (we found out most of you get stuck at level 5 due to this so consider you are smart if you already finish that stage!). Also make use of unbreakable blocks to nudge the joker to the box. Free puzzle games are everywhere but we but you guys would love saving the joker solving every puzzle along the way in this awesome brain game.



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