Nov 21 2010

Untangle Space Out

Description: Untangle Space Out is a galactic themed puzzle with multi-level challenge and arcade modes, surprise bonus rounds and online daily all-time leader boards. Move orbs around to untangle overlapping neon rays to solve the puzzles.

Version: 1.5

Cost: Free

Developer: Apostec Software

Untangled Space Out is a challenging game where you untangle a web of lines connected by orbs. Move the orbs around and make sure none of the lines are crossing and the level is completed. Sounds simple right? The first few levels are easy but it can get quite challenging as the levels progress. The harder the level, the more orbs with connecting lines. Two aspect makes the game challenging. One is wrapping your brain around how to untangle over lapping lines. The other is dealing with the small screen size of a mobile phone. The game seems boring at first, but stick with it through the 1st 5 or 6 levels and you’ll find the game to be funner. There’s not much of a tutorial, so playing the 1st couple levels will help you get a better feel for the game.

There’s 2 different playing modes, challenge and arcade. Each level records the time and number of moves it took to complete.

Another great thing is You won’t need data coverage to play this game.

The free versions offers quite a number of levels and you’ll get a good feel for the game if you want to purchase the paid version.

There seems to still be some bugs. The open screen with the upgrade option some times takes for ever get through. The menu screen also make take a while.

Download Here

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