May 18 2013

Zombie Smasher

Description: Get your thumbs warmed up as stabbing, shooting and smashing zombies never felt so good! Zombie Smasher takes place in a small town of charming houses and white picket fences—that is until waves of zombies showed up with an appetite for brains. Players must stop the onslaught and defend their town with an unmatched arsenal of weaponry, killing them until extinction.

Single slaying is accomplished by smashing zombies against a wall with bone-crushing force, while weapons including, swords, morning star, fully automatic rifles, lightning bolts, missiles, and landmines are at the users’ disposal for multiple kills and boss level victory. There are also several achievements to unlock, which challenge the players’ slaying skills.

To maximize users’ zombie killing capability, Zombie Smasher employs advanced physics engine.

The game also has a feature that displays day and night according to the users’ time zone. By day the zombies look like rotting corpses, while by night they appear in various forms of corpses and skeletons.

Game Features
• Advanced physics engine
• Real time day and night display
• Wide variety of weapons
• Zombie boss levels
• Achievements to unlock
• Non-stop Zombie bashing

Cost: Free

Developer: Deemedya m.s. ltd.

Zombie Smasher 1

Zombie Smasher

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