Jun 09 2013

Apps For Apnea – Do They Work?

Sleep Apnea is a condition that has received considerable publicity in recent years and about time too. For decades people were flummoxed as to why they had such difficulty staying awake in the daytime. Eventually research unearthed the reason for this awful condition, and it came be known as sleep Apnea. Those of us who suffer from sleep Apnea undergo a strange experience whilst sleeping, the muscle and soft tissues of the throat become so relaxed that they cause a blockage that stops the airflow from getting through. When this obstruction occurs for more than 10 seconds, it is known as an Apnea. People suffering from this condition rarely, if ever, get the benefit of a full night’s sleep. Thankfully, there are some cures and treatments for this condition and sleep therapists are on hand for any advice sufferers require. There has also been a spate of apps being released in recent years that claim to help people with the condition. This article takes a look at some of the more popular ones for your perusal.

The SnoreMonitor Sleep Lab

This download is available from iTunes Appstore and is already being hailed as an extraordinary development. It has been endorsed by leading Swedish Ear, Nose and Throat doctors. The app is operated via your iPhone and monitors your sleeping patterns in a precise way. It listens out for any signs of sleep Apnea and can even send the sound file as an attachment in an email to your chosen doctor. With an excellent digital quality, the Snore Monitor Sleep Lab can easily isolate any background noise when you wish to review the complete sound file for any irregularities. It includes a live ‘help’ section and includes some special deals on other sleep aid products such as the ‘MegaVent’ nasal dilator.

Sleep Cycle

Currently top of the pops regarding all sleep monitoring apps, this is a very smooth operator indeed. Once the application has been downloaded, it uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to check on your sleeping activities. The movement is sensed automatically and is instantly documented into the memory. When you first use the monitor you will need to follow the instructions regarding where to place the iPhone for efficient operation. The guide is nice and easy to follow and walks you through every step of the way. You tell the app when you wish to wake up, a 30 minute window, and it calculates the best time for this to take place. You should start to get a ‘nudge’ during your ‘light sleep’ pattern. Whilst this app is the bee’s knees, it can eat up your phone battery and you should keep it on charge overnight. Just keep the power cord well away from your person and there should be no issues. It also calculates the amount of ‘real’ sleep your poor body and mind managed to achieve. Overall it is a great application that costs less than one dollar!

Two Down, Hundreds To Try!

There can be no doubt that these two apps are tried and tested, but there are many more just waiting for your approval. Speak to your sleep therapist first and you will soon be grabbing that full 8 hours in no time at all!

Today’s guest author, Abbey Brooks, is a sales executive at CPAPonly, a leading dealer for cheap CPAP machines in Australia. She is a nature lover and an environmentalist. She is motivated to make this a greener planet and works towards it zealously in her spare time.

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