Sep 06 2013

Five Apps That Will Help You Lose Fat

With technology constantly changing and expanding what it can do for us, it just makes sense that one of its benefits would be helping us with diet and exercise. Here are five of the best apps for getting yourself moving.


MyFitnessPal is as useful as it is aesthetically pleasing. Instead of specializing in nutrition or exercise, this app gives you a great overlay of both. There is a huge database of foods, both brand name and generic, which makes it easy to keep track of what you eat. The exercises are also pretty numerous, and MyFitnessPal keeps track of how many calories you’re consuming and how many you’re burning, clearly and conveniently. The app features graphs of your calorie, nutrition and fitness information for you to view at any time and tells you how close you are to your goal at the end of each day’s entry. It is available for iPhones and Android devices.

MyFitnessPal for Android
MyFitnessPal for iPhone


GoodFoodNearYou is an app for iPhones and Android devices that searches your area for healthy food options. Just put in your zipcode or let the app auto-detect your location and GoodFoodNearYou brings up the lowest-calorie meals and snacks at nearby restaurants. You can also search by popular locations, which are broken into three categories: Universities, landmarks, and airports.

GoodFoodNearYou for Android
GoodFoodNearYou for iPhone

Zombies, Run!

Zombies Run is an extremely fun and innovative app designed to make your daily run thrilling instead of routine. It’s a game that uses audio as well as visual cues to get you moving. Pick a destination point near you, run from zombies, follow the storyline, and pick up supplies which you can use in your virtual home-base. Although it’s worth it, Zombies Run is a little pricey for an app. The much less fancy but still very fun version “Zombie, Run!” is free, and features a satellite map of your route. If you don’t mind spending the money, and are a serious runner, there is a Zombies, Run spinoff app called 5k Training. Happy running, survivor!

Zombies, Run! for iPhone and Android.
Zombie, Run! for Android.


Everest is both inspiring and inspired. All you have to do is enter a dream you hope to accomplish someday and Everest gives you small challenges leading up to one day realizing it. The app utilizes Basecamp Next, highly useful project management software. The app’s reviews are either entirely for or against it, so you’ll just have to decide for yourself.

Everest for iPhone
Everest for Android

Pocket Yoga

After all that running from zombies, you could probably uses some relaxation. Pocket Yoga is just the thing. The app is easy for beginners and enjoyable for the more advanced. Just select a practice, a difficulty and duration and enjoy the stretch.

Pocket Yoga for iPhone
Pocket Yoga for Android

You can use these five apps in unison, or separately. Either way, when used consistently, they’ll provide a noticeable boost to your fitness efforts. Just remember to give yourself a break between bouts of zombie survival.

Jenny Wadlow, the author of this guest post, is a freelance blogger and a fitness expert. She likes to talk about different techniques to improve health and she usually reviews some fitness equipments as well. To know more, follow her on Twitter @JennyWadlow.

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