Jul 02 2013

Let Android Apps Make Your Cycling Experience Even More Enjoyable!

Cycling is a great way to get yourself fit and remain that way for as long as you put the effort in. It is also an excellent way to travel around without putting any pressure on our delicate eco-system. More and more of us are taking to pedal power on a daily basis and that is something to be proud of. Whilst cycling is a very cool way to get from A to B, we could sometimes use a little help in the way of navigational issues. Fortunately there are a number of very good Android apps that know a thing or two about cyclists and their plight. If you are looking for a digital mate to help you plot a bespoke route, please read this article for some friendly suggestions.

B.iCycle by Valley Development GmbH  – $5 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.b_icycle.android&hl=en

Our first Android app for cyclists is a very cool piece of kit that offers you lucky riders a satellite tracking system and so much more! You probably own a cycle computer already, but this application will chew it up and spit it out in front of your very own eyes! You can locate your current position on the relevant map and the feature allows you to zoom in for actual progress reports. You can see your cycle move along the track in real time mode and find out exactly what speed you are achieving. It will give you whatever stats you desire and calculate you calorific details with the touch of a smartphone screen! Upload the details to your PC or laptop and you can share the best or worst ones with your social media platforms. There is no calibration required and you can pretty much use this app as soon as you download it. You’ll also join a cool 150,000 users in the online B.iCycle community as a bonus. If you find a track that isn’t already documented in your area, simply upload the details and you can invite other community users to compare times. A great application that every serious cyclist should have as a part of their Android arsenal!

Move! Bike Computer by Piotr Potilski – Free https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pl.com.digita.BikeComputer&hl=en

Our second Android cycling application is a very sweet offering indeed! As well as for cycling it can be utilised for any sport that uses distance and speed as the two main components. Use the app to track your route and upload the results to your Google maps application. Share the routes via email to your buddies and see if they can compete with your wicked time trials. The GPS feature in your Smartphone allows you to track your speed, altitude and bearings with ease. This is particularly useful for those cyclists who enjoy hill climbs as a part of their daily training regime. The output can be manipulated in any way you like and you simply keep a track of your best times for future challenges. This app may not be quite up there with B.iCycle but it is absolutely free and we can’t argue with that price!

Let’s Get On The Road!

Both of these apps will make your cycle journeys a little easier and either of them can help improve your overall fitness nicely. We say a big thanks to Android for these efforts!

Stuart Parker, is a professional cyclist who is constantly in search of new adventures, thrill and learning experiences; has chosen to be a part of Regal Bicycle’s brooks saddle research team. He loves listening to music while practicing.

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