Jun 21 2013

Say Goodbye To Baggy Clothes Forever With These Amazing Android Fitness Apps!

Many of us pile on a few pounds during the winter months, and a few more in the springtime! It’s easy to hide this excess baggage by choosing to wear a pair of loose fitting tracksuit bottoms and an even baggier top. But what happens when the temperature is cranked up and your buddies are all wearing revealing outfits? Well you are faced with two choices:

  • Hibernate
  • Get Fit

Hopefully you will choose the second option, or otherwise you’ll soon become the invisible person once more. Well, those clever fellows over at Android have some brilliant little helpers who are ready and waiting for you to step up to the plate once more. Here we look at a few of their front runners.

Zombies, Run! By Six to Start

– $3https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sixtostart.zombiesrun

This is a corker of an app that combines fitness with some zombie related fun! They may seem like strange bedfellows but you’ll certainly need your running shoes if you want to survive this game! If you thought that a personal trainer was too much of a pain in the neck, wait until you hear those darn semi-corpses breathing heavily behind you!  This is a real audio-adventure that will help you to reach a level of fitness that no other zombie game can hope to compete with.  You can customise this game by choosing your own soundtrack and you will need all of your wits and stamina to complete all 23 levels of this shocking but healthy application.  We recommend you try this app because you probably need a little more motivation after those winter months of refuelling, and those zombies just love munching on couch potatoes!

Couch-to-5k by The Active Network Inc

– $3https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.active.aps.c25k

Wow, it seems that we’re not the only ones talking about that big bad old couch! This app is perfect for those of us who have decided to get active once more, and it really is geared towards those first hesitant steps back into fresh air. You have 5 virtual coaches to choose form and they all have the ability to make you sweat like you’ve never perspired before! The mission statement for this application is that it will transform you from an unfit individual into somebody capable of entering a 5 km race within the space of just 9 weeks! You’ll need to invest 30 minutes of time, 3 times a week for this magical objective to be achieved. The workouts are gradual and you should be able to keep up with the training regime as long as you have no medical issues. All of your workouts are logged and there is a handy GPS feature that tracks your running to the real time maps onboard.  And if all of this wasn’t enough, you will also get a discount on your first 5km run you enter into. We love this app and believe the goals are achievable as long as you are in the right mind frame before committing yourself. If you don’t manage the 9 weeks window, you’ll still get fit and can try the next time around!

The Couch Has Left The Building!

These are 2 very different apps but they both have very big hearts and will help you to get yours nice and healthy once more!

Barry Jones, the writer of this post, is a nutritionist by profession. An ardent fitness enthusiast, he has previously interned with a physician who provides body sculpting services using non surgical procedures in Yucaipa CA. His hobbies include kickboxing and skiing.

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