Mar 13 2012

Photo 360

Description: The only application which can create 360 degree “alive” photos!

Photo 360° is the first free application on Android which lets users take fantastic 360° panoramic photos without taking multiple pictures or any other difficult manipulation. Record the environment around you on a 20 second turn and capture both the image and sound all in one revolution. The sound recording is automatically added to the photo and played during its visualization. The combination of 360 degree pictures and sounds creates a new dimension for the photography.

Thanks to its simple use, Photo 360° immortalizes your best moments anywhere at any time by taking “magical” 360 degree photos.

Three kinds of 360 degree photos can be taken with Photo 360°:

360 degree Panorama:
You will obtain in a few seconds a full 360 degree panorama (without any discrepancy problems) by just holding your device and turning clockwise around you slowly.

1- 360 degree object/person photo:
You will obtain a 360 degree view of this object (or person), by turning clockwise around your model.
2- “Behind you” photo (available for front-facing camera devices).
You can create a unique and amazing photo that shows the world turning around you. To realize this miracle, you need to activate the front camera of your device (from the application) and turn clockwise!

Other features:
• Share your photos on Facebook and Twitter
• Possibility to view your photos played with Flash (integrating the sound sequence) via the Photo 360° Web Viewer.
• Possibility to take landscape photos.
• GPS location record
• Possibility to send the photo’s URL (once uploaded) to a friend by email.
• In-app purchase: Upload your favorite photos taken with Photo 360 on the application’s server

IMPORTANT: Please note that without good lighting photos can often be blurred or be difficult to capture without good lighting. For high quality images we recommend outdoor areas.

Cost: Free

Developer: AMALtd

Photo 360 allows you to take 360 degree panoramic photos with sound and share them or embed them into a website. Photo 360 would be great for many applications including:

  • virtual tours for real estate or vacation rentals
  • a 3D view of an object
  • a 360 degree view of outdoor scenery

Taking 360 degree panoramic pictures with Photo 360 is quite easy as long as you rotate your camera in a steady smooth motion. It takes a while to get used to, but with a little practice it gets easy. I had no problems taking fairly clear “moving” 360 degree pictures. There’s an option to use your camera flash to light up the environment for a better picture.

Here’s an example of a 360 panoramic picture I took:


The pictures are saved locally to your Android device. To share the picture, you need to upload each picture. 1 picture upload costs 1 ticket. After the picture is uploaded, you can share the picture via email, url link, social networking sites, or an embedded html code. You are initially awarded 5 free tickets on initial download of Photo 360.

Additional tickets cost:
4 Tickets for $1.00
10 Tickets for $2.00
50 Tickets for $7.50
100 Tickets for $10.00

The cost to share pictures can add up quickly. This would be the main gripe about Photo 360. The Photo 360 App works great, but the cost of sharing may be too much for most users.

A couple of things I would like to see improved or added:

  • A zoom out/in function. There are no distant settings to take a picture.
  • An option to adjust the preset 20 second timer. Sometimes you want shorter or longer panoramic pictures. (It only records while you are moving in the correct direction)
  • An option to stop on the fly before the 20 second timer stops. You have to film until the camera stops before you can save the picture.
  • An option to rotate counter clockwise while filiming. It only allows clockwise movement.
  • Some filters and photo editing for the pictures.
  • A volume adjustment.
  • A cheaper way to share photos.

Download Here

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