Aug 06 2013

5 Real Estate Apps To Pay Attention To

Real Estate Apps

Information is key for folks looking to buy or sell a home, and today’s mobile app programs have also entered into the field with valuable tools for both sides of the transaction. With the assistance of a smart phone a buyer can quickly pull down information on comparable pricing, potential mortgage payments and property tax hits, mortgage rate fluctuations prior to filing a loan application and more. Even more important, mobile apps can now provide powerful access to listing information for both buyers and sellers, quickly changing the potential landscape for a purchase in the works.

Some of the best real estate apps include:

Real Estate by Zillow

Zillow Android App

Depending which app market the program is downloaded from, the software name will be slightly different but a quick search will find this valuable tool. Just like the website by Zillow, the app provides location information at a person’s fingertips. Real estate agents and brokers may not like Zillow and will argue their shop figures are more accurate, but the fact remains that the website’s information provides a powerful window for quick real estate values (

Real Estate by Trulia

Trulia Android App

Similar to Zillow, Trulia’s Real Estate also provides quick access to property information, estimated values and property taxes paid. However, the appearance of the Trulia package is a bit more professional in design versus Zillow’s material

Redfin Real Estate

Redfin Android App

Again, another substitute for Zillow’s information product, Redfin just runs a lot faster, which works well for people who don’t want to wait for their phone service to download data. Unfortunately, Redfin is limited to certain regions and is not nationwide in coverage of property information (

Home Buying Power

Home Buyhing Power Apple App

Knowing what a mortgage will end up being, both in total and in terms of monthly cash flow, is critical for buyers. So having a quick access app that can crunch the numbers, when visiting a property, is key for initial decisions. While Home Buying Power does have a small charge to it, $1.99, the program works quickly to provide key financial information based on user input. The program is made by NotTooShabby Software

Photo Measures

Photo Measures Apple App

This handy tool is a godsend for buyers who find an interesting home but know they will need to make changes. Whether it’s a matter of trying to fit a China hutch in a room or making changes to the décor, this app will allows photos to be taken which can then be mocked up with change details for future reference. It’s a great tool for the home repair/renovation types to remember their ideas on the spot. The program does cost $4.99 to download and use. The software maker is Big Blue Pixel

There are other tools available, like Property Flipper from Wasatch Digital Media, but the better ones tend to specialize into real estate niches versus general real estate applications like the above. Users won’t get much out of the specialty areas unless they work directly in these activities. It’s better to stay with the general programs which provide much more valuable information over all for a real estate transaction.

This post was written by Jenny Wadlow; a freelance blogger. She likes to blog about a variety of things that interest her. One of her latest articles for her client Untitled was about new apartments in Windsor. Her hobbies are reading and cooking. You can follow her on Twitter @JennyWadlow.

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