Sep 15 2013

Benefits Of Cross-Platform App Development

App developers today need to carefully consider the platforms they target and the opportunities that come with each platform. It is much more common these days to focus on one platform first and then move on to the others. Developing your app to be compatible cross-platform is really important and has many advantages to it.

Here are some of the best benefits of cross-platform app development that should make you consider it when you are creating an app.

Most used Mac apps

Easier To Get Into

It might sound a bit odd but developing cross-platform apps can actually be much easier than developing apps specifically for one platform. This is because the code required in cross-platform development is simpler and is therefore easier to learn.

This means that you don’t need to have specialist skills to develop the app and can use your coding skills in a simple way. It also allows you to develop your app in a much cost effective way. Getting into app development can be costly but cross-platform development is much cheaper and requires very little maintenance.

You can also manage the development process much more easily, especially if you have multiple developers working on different parts of the project. You won’t need to worry about different types of problems facing them and thus even the developers are freer to collaborate and solve issues together.

You Are Able To Reuse Your Code

You can also access and reuse your code in future projects. This will make the process much more efficient when you develop more apps. You don’t need to worry about your code not working in your next projects since you’ve already tried and tested it. Even if you develop your next app for a single platform you will still be able to use the code in it.

This is another example of how cross-platform development can help you save money and make your app development process smooth and fast.

More Profit Available

Of course developing cross-platform apps will form a wider reach with your app and this naturally opens up the possibility for bigger profits. When your app is usable on various different platforms you are much more able to turn that bigger potential customer base into buying customers.

Social Media Today had put this advantage of reaching a wider audience as the number one reason why you should develop your app for cross-platform use. It will also help you save money on the marketing of your product. When the app is cross-platform you don’t need to worry about how and where to market just for Android users, for instance, but can instead target all smartphone and tablet users to try your new app.

The above benefits are yours to enjoy if you opt for cross-platform instead of focusing on just one. Although it is good to start off on one platform, especially if you are developing your first app, there are many great tools to ensure your cross-platform development goes smooth when you get around to it. App developers should look at Made with Marmalade, which is a company behind many cross-platform success stories like Plants vs. Zombies.

Brad is mad about apps and is always thinking about new ideas to develop. He also likes to help out other newbies who want to try develop apps. Brad also likes to travel and his favourite holiday destinations are South Korea and Vietnam.

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