Jun 20 2013

Help, I’ve Wrecked My Car! Four Apps To Guide You Through The Process

When an auto-mobile accident occurs, the resulting force, trauma and shock of the event often leaves drivers feeling scatterbrained. In the moments following an accident, being sure to record, document and evaluate what happened can make the different between an amicable resolution and a lengthy court case. Thankfully, elements of technology are assisting us when our memory seems to fail, and the proliferation of this technology in mobile devices is a welcomed change. In the following article, we’ll be discussing four applications for smartphones that can keep us on-track and in control following an auto accident.

Help I Crashed My Car

Offering tons of valuable information needed in the wake of an accident, Help I Crashed My Car is a free application available on the Android Marketplace. When needed, the app can provide users with details on nearby traffic conditions, information for your specific auto-mobile and contact information for nearby tow companies, hospitals and repair centres. In addition to this, Help I Crashed My Car provides advice for drivers on what to do after an accident, how to find local police and law enforcement and even a template for creating a rough draft accident report. Anyone who drives would be well-advised to download this app and have it on-hand just in case.


Car Accident SideKick

Providing an emergency check-list and tips for evaluating the conditions of the scene following an accident, Car Accident SideKick allows multiple functions while being in a less-than-ideal situation. Not only can you access pre-programmed emergency contacts (and 911) from within the app, but you will also have the option of logging details of the accident in a handy note-taking function. If you are unsure where you currently are, the GPS function within the app will quickly locate and document the location for future reference. Also accessible within the app are tools like a flash-light and voice recorder for seeing damage at night and taking audio statements.



Keeping drivers level-headed and reasonable following an accident is crucial in having the best outcome, and apps like C.A.R. (Car Accident Report) are helping achieve this result for users everywhere. Included in its design are a variety of tools, such as the accident report document that allows even the most dishevelled drivers to quickly record vital information involving the scene. Quickly find where you are using the GPS feature embedded within the app and never miss a note, thanks to audio and text-based recording features. Currently free, you can download C.A.R. via the iTunes App Store.



Being promoted by several state and local governments as the best way to be prepared following an accident, WreckCheck is available on both Android and iOS devices. Developed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, WreckCheck details what specific information you need to collect and what information needs to be disclosed in the wake of an accident. Utilizing GPS, your audio recorder and camera, WreckCheck can guide you through the process and will prompt you for photos, audio recordings, location information and notes as needed by insurance companies and law enforcement.


Jenny Wadlow is an enthusiastic blogger. She writes blog posts on any subject that interests her. In her recent article, she has described what to do and what not to do when filing a car accident claim. You can follow her on Twitter @JennyWadlow.

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