Aug 25 2013

Keeping Your Car In Great Condition – Four Apps To Help With The Process

Car Android App

Whether you own one car and are seeking to keep on top of scheduled repairs and maintenance, or are managing a fleet consisting of dozens of vehicles, the same thing is usually desired: efficiency, cost savings and reliability. Before the age of all-inclusive technology, documenting and keeping track of all of this information was difficult and at times messy. Today, however, there are a number of mobile applications that can assist drivers and managers in ensuring that their vehicles are receiving the proper treatment. Below, we will be discussing four apps that everyday drivers and fleet managers alike will appreciate when it comes to the amount of information that can be collected regarding their auto-mobiles.


aCar Android App

Initially designed for business use but now used by individuals and businesses alike, aCar is an Android app that can be used to keep track of a variety of metrics about one or multiple vehicles. Some of the features it offers include data collection for tune-ups, service and fuel records, comprehensive search and filter options to find exactly what you need, as well as automatic backups of your data each month. This free app allows for all vital stats about your vehicle or vehicles to be collected and stored in a central location, making record keeping and analysis much, much easier.

Car Care

Car Care App

Functioning similar to the aCar app, Car Care gives the same tools to iOS users and allows for a fully comprehensive analysis of individual vehicles and fleets. Costing $4.99, this app gives users options to track an unlimited number of vehicles’ repair costs, fill-ups and estimated fuel economies, and automatic reminders of when it is time to have a vehicle serviced. Great for throwing out all the unnecessary paper and clutter that ultimately comes with tracking a vehicle’s metrics, the Car Care app will make even the casual driver more aware of what they can do to help get the most out of his or her driving experience.

Auto Log Lite

Auto Log Lite

Those who only need to keep track of one vehicle will appreciate the versatility offered by Auto Log Lite, an Android app that is free to download. Included with this free version are features such as service tracking, fuel reports and estimated efficiency, as well as the option to export all data from a mobile device into a spreadsheet for use on desktops and tablets. Graphs and the ability to import data – while also backing up existing information within the app – make this selection great for the casual driver who simply wants to monitor his or her fuel consumption and service records.

Gas Cubby

Gas Cubby

Gas Cubby is available for iOS devices and is the perfect way to monitor fuel consumption, as well as oil changes and other regularly scheduled maintenance. With graphic charts to help you understand how well you are doing on saving fuel, it becomes more of a challenge than chore to be an efficient driver. You’ll be able to sync any and all data with desktop devices, while exporting directly to spreadsheets as well. Costing just $1.99, Gas Cubby makes a great addition for drivers and fleet managers alike.

Today’s guest author, Mark Wilde, is a sales executive at Yucaipa Trailers, a firm that provides race car trailers for sale in California, US. He is an eco-friendly guy and enjoys gardening for leisure.

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